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Jun , To attain speeds like this the hull has to be strongvery strongand Triton uses construction materials like Tri Core polyurethane coring, a once piece hand laid fiberglass stringer system with seven cross members, AME resin, and a chemically bonded hull to deck joint Polyurethane foam is injected

@ifmguw ATTORNEY ,, Patented Apr , MOLDED SPEED BOAT HULL Henry Donald Canazzi, Jewett Parkway, Buffalo, FLY A plastic impregnated fiber glass floor overlies and is directly bonded to the top surface of the filler material , as shown in Figures and , so that the filler material and

Oct , It works like this Team members strap a Zodiac to a pallet, which can be locked down on the aircraft floor The outboard motor is removed, and placed inside the boat, atop several layers of crush material This crush material is usually composed of thick cardboard honeycomb, which is designed to expend

Mar , A watercraft body includes a hull made of an aluminum based material and a separately fabricated superstructure that is mounted on the hull via adjoining flange The watercraft hull according to claim , wherein said transverse frame further comprises a transverse floor beam connected by removable

, , , and illustrate strips of rubberized fabric material cut to patterns for assembly into the boat of Fig The floor and its supporting sheet of fabric are held in place upon the bottom portion of the bottom rail member by cementing the marginal portions of the sheet in place and anchoring them as by means of a

EF Flooring or floor layers composed of a number of similar elements of other materials, e.g fibrous or chipped materials, organic plastics, magnesite tiles, has historically been the predominant material of choice in the construction of decks and similar structures, e.g walkways, steps, and boat decks and piers.

Oct , Atop the observation deck, the material fabric of the floor rises and falls in wave like oscillations to create pathways and apertures into the vast, enclosed spaces below These changes in elevationsometimes subtle, sometimes sharpwere the essence of the novel architectural language invented for the

Mar , But when Damewood met with the contractor slated to do the job, she learned that before work could get underway, a few materials that would be disrupted during the remodel would require special testing Portland homeowner Andrea Damewood got help from a contractor to test materials like flooring in

Nov , Completed in in Seeboden, Austria Images by Paul Ott photografiert The boathouse was built as a solitary building at the Seebodner lakeside of the Millst?tter lake in Carinthia The location of the construction is

Sep , An inflatable shallow draft fishing boat having a removable, inflatable paddleboard floor that provides stable flotation for at least two standing adults, the The inflatable boat of claim , wherein said bottom member is constructed from material selected from the group consisting of plastic, rubber, and latex.

is a plan view of the waterproofing material ready for assembly FIG is a bottom perspective view of the hull partially unfolded, showing the manner in which the water proofing means is affixed over the hinged seams FIG is a top perspective view of the boat with the floor boards unfolded in the first stage of erecting

Oct , Usually all smaller ships are single bottomed, as they do not need a double bottom to withstand the load of the cargo In these ships, the plate floors (see the figure to understand the context of Floors in shipbuilding) themselves act as the stiffening members of the bottom shell plating Plate floors (as shown

Aug , In general, an inflatable boat is constructed with a floor defining a usable passenger cargo space and inflatable tubes around the floor The tubes are made of a flexible material such as rubber or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) When the tubes are inflated with air or gas, the inflatable boat is ready to float,

Mar , A modular snap tight interlocking deck and process for constructing a pontoon boat with said deck is described The modular deck is extruded aluminum, although any lightweight material capable of the rigidity necessary to make adjoining planks inseparable would suffice Referring now to FIG.

Oct , Designed to offer the most possible space using the minimum amount of material, the litre BAGWORK bags are made from one square metre of boat rubber and four life vest straps, which cross over the rucksack to hold it closed Designers Didi Aaslund and Floor Nagler working under the name No

Oct , The seat backs are individually mounted to pivot from a vertical, seat back attitude, to a horizontal attitude covering over the open bow section and includes an arrangement for pivoting the seat backs that can be hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical, that each involve an extending piston between a boat floor

Mastercraft introduced it s open bow model tournament certified ski boat in The others I m not sure of The oldest open bows with fiberglass floors and stringers may be the MasterCraft series, I m not sure ps Fiberglass is NOT the magical material that eliminates all problems Fiberglass, like Fir or plywood, is a

If they re laid on the floor of the boat, they create pressure points as they re not the exact same shape as the hull Those pressure points might To attach it to the hull, I thickened some epoxy resin and ran strips of fiberglass mat along the sides and tabbed the trays into the transom and hull sides Easy enough, I was just

Mar , Boats having greater shorter lengths can be constructed by increasing or decreasing the number of gunwale modules The bow and gunwale modules may be formed of molded polyethylene filled with hydrophobic foam material The floor hull module can be mounted at varying heights within the flotation

Jan , The existing post and beam structure is exposed alongside durable new materials like concrete flooring, concrete block and plywood wall panels Large sliding While the Education Center is an iconic destination, the boat pavilion is conceived as a threshold in deference to the expansive Hudson River.