philippine wall cladding designs

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Apr , My youngest daughter was living with us at the time and the walls were so thin between the bedrooms we could talk to one another while lying in bed Remove the overuse of white paint put darker tiles (or even slate ) on the roof of the bungalow and a small amount of wooden cladding to harmonise it

Jul , The engineering and architectural firm Arup has been selected to lead the design work for renovations to Chicago s historic Union Station The City Union Station s features include Bedford limestone Beaux Arts facades, Corinthian columns, marble floors and staircases, terracotta walls, and brass lamps.

Jun , Clad in diamond shaped zinc tile cladding, the three pitched roofs match the existing factory s roofline and mimic the profile of a village hall Natural disasters like this, and more recently the typhoon that hit the Philippines in early November, serve to remind those of us in the green design community that

Jul , The shape of the top heavy columns in this restaurant designed for the Kontum Indochine Hotel in the designer s home country of Vietnam are a reference Surrounded with bamboo cladding, this house by Swiss Filipino studio Atelier Sacha Cotture wraps around a central courtyard to restrict views of the

Oct , An artificial ravine will carve through Kengo Kuma s Museum of Indigenous Knowledge in the Philippines, which is shaped like a hollowed out lump of rock While the outer walls of the building will be craggy and plant covered, the interior galleries and escalator wells will feature woven textured surfaces

Feb , In addition to acting as a living room for the city, the building s functions will also stretch beyond its walls in order to better connect people with the city A new park, a square, and a wooden bridge with a green roof will connect the building to its surroundings White Arkitekter is the architect for the project.

May , The architect of the two story house is Somchai Jongsaeng of DECA Atelier, a Bangkok based designer whose own residence I published in Somchai worked in close collaboration with the owner who was enthusiastic to experiment with structural and cladding solutions The supporting structure is

May , The Bunker House is a modern tropical house in thailand concrete walls Horizontal metal sheets are utilized as cladding on the taller of the two blocks Thick concrete walls and huge overhangs shield the clear glass windows from solar insolation, while openings on opposite sides of the house allow for

Nov , Trump Tower, Manila Set to complete this year, the residential tower at the Century City development in Makati, Manila, will become one of the tallest buildings in the Philippines Its design, which features peeled away corners, was conceived by architect Jason Pomeroy whilst working at Broadway Malyan

Jun , Ganzeer was one of those artists whose work covered the walls of Cairo, documenting the spirit of the revolution, supporting its call for bread, social dignity, and justice. Fast forward years, and artists This design entitled Evil Military by Ganzeer references the girl in the blue bra. After a video was

Apr , The design of the house is primarily based on the rules of local architecture It respects the morphology of the traditional built Deliberate secondary wooden roof cladding provides the continuity of the dark wooden materiality of the facade cladding The building s envelope is developed as a thick wall

May , Slim batons of timber clad the facade of this medical clinic by Alt Arkkitehdit, which is set on the edge of a Finnish forest Ruukki Health Clinic by Alt Arkkitehdit Offering dental, paediatric and general healthcare services, the public clinic is located beside existing medical wings including a care centre for

Nov , XN reveals dynamic, undulating design for Swiss Olympic headquarters The form and materials are intended to tie in with the aesthetic of the surrounding campus Local Jura stone cladding is used across the facades and will also be applied to the new North Wing building, which XN is currently

Dec , Jura is a truly unique and inspiring example of contemporary architecture that maximizes the opportunities of its site in both design approach and The stone walls are accompanied by areas of Iroko cladding, a hardwood that will offer durability and elegance, while providing a finish that matures and

Tower designs that look like leftovers from other hyper expansive cities seem to wash up here, at the ebb tide of a few civilizations, like gargantuan discarded the cheese grater for its perforated glass crete shade walls, and the floor Da Vinci Tower, a vertical grab bag of postmodern cum postcolonial ornament.