suggestion for privacy panels on balcony

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We are looking to cat proof our rd floor patio, and thought bamboo fencing rolled reed fencing would be the cheapest way of cat proofing AND providing some privacy I m also considering using bamboo blinds to hang on the balcony s railing to keep kitty in Does anyone know where I might find a product

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Aug , You ve probably walked by, looked up at the iron balconies or stopped at the sign on Royal Street and wondered what was in there I know I have Club Matt says that it was actually one of the Disneyland sponsors who suggested that club invites be extended to select individuals In April , Walt

Nov , If your kids like their own desk areas, take one entire wall and insert a dresser or storage piece between the individual desks This is a particularly good solution If you have a long, narrow room You can decorate the desks similarly or trick them out to each child s individual taste More Oh, Baby! Ideas to

Beautifuly designed vinyl panels are perfect as porch skirting, privacy lattice panelsor as ideas for interesting window treatments and so much more Our photo gallery lattice deck railings on balcony Mary and I know you will be inspired by watching our short video showing you a few ideas for using these lattice panels.

Jan , I m not sure if it s the window or the roof tiles just above the guttering Last year I sprayed water repellent on the roof and the wall above the window and it worked for a while but not permanently I know it s a long shot but have you any ideas what may be the root of the problem Read more Show less.

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Oct , At the heart of the house, the dining room boasts a monumental ceiling and a glazed wall which overlooks the water, with the kitchen and the living room at the two opposite sides The dining area also has a sliding door that expands the space onto the wooden terrace On the upper floor, a balcony with a

Jul , Splitsville Luxury Lanes on the West Side added more air conditioned space on the second floor with an enclosed balcony that expands the dining room Tables and high tops are along the windows, with fabulous views of Disney Springs through floor to ceiling windows A new bar anchors the space.