interior fireproof wave wall panel for office decoration

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

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The tile includes a top surface having a periphery defining side walls extending downward from the top surface, the side walls having a coupling portion configured The concept of primary and secondary post structures as disclosed herein may also be incorporated into other floor tile designs not specifically described and

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Apr , These designs range from fantastical concepts for entire floating cities to real homes that have already proven themselves disaster proof, and from large scale A system of concrete cores protects the interior filled with apartments, shops, restaurants, offices and recreational space from the impact of

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Nov , Such panels can be designed to serve as light emitting wall or ceiling panels and thereby serve as substitutes for conventional lighting fixtures , Sep , , Lisa Draxlmaier Gmbh, Interior decorating item and use of an optical wave guide as decorative thread on such interior decorating items.

Aug , The smart glass technology allows manufacturing of up to feet x feet single smart glass panels, which means they can be used in offices too, to you these unique and eye catching wall mounted fireplaces, which not only keep you cosy throughout winters, but also add beauty to your home decor.

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The panels are comprised of an ionizing radiation shielding material layer, a non ionizing radiation shielding layer, an anti microbial treated layer, In a preferred embodiment, wall panels approximately × containing multiple shielding layers are joined together to provide protection and shielding from both ionizing

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