deck over partial slab

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May , Despite the products names, most self levelers are only partially self leveling They are most effective when a minimum thickness is maintained across the whole plain of the surface (about ) This problem is exacerbated over larger areas which tend to have more variations in surface height.

May , Structural system for supporting a building utilizing light weight steel framing for walls and hollow core concrete slabs for floors and method of making is a broken, partially cut away, sectional view that shows the attachment of bearing studs above and below the wallfloor intersection illustrated in FIG.

Jun , The precast deck beams, deck slabs and railing members are then sequentially installed and rapidly interconnected using hollow connecting pin members inserted into aligned openings A pier structure for supporting a bridge above a vertical foundation hole in the ground, the structure comprising .

Aug , The slab beam forming system of claim , wherein said structional member is a corrugated metal deck located on said one area on said upper elevational Reinforcing rods with a reinforcing stirrup member partially encompassing the transversely arranged rods may be mounted in the beam form area.

Canadian Patent , discloses a flying form as a concrete forming structure wherein the deck on which the concrete is poured is easily and readily secured a support apparatus for supporting the frame while in the pouring position during the pouring and partial curing of the concrete floor and having means for finely

Jul , An apex rhombus is delimited over the center point of a square, which is delimited by plotting four nadir rhombuses on the same plane, and each of the nadir rhombuses and the apex rhombus are jointed to form a group of pyramidal surfaces equipped with four planar slopes having substantially the same

Dec , The foundation includes a post tensioned concrete floor slab formed on the soil base of a below grade excavation One end of each cable is anchored and the other end is stretched after the concrete slab has at least partially cured, placing the cable under tension and compressing the concrete slab,

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After the horizontal beams were in place, heavy wooden decking was laid on the steel beams and openings in the decking were left through which to excavate the is a detail view of an earth retaining wall which is buttressed against two fioor slabs, also showing the partial completion of an exterior column or pilaster .

A system and method for forming changes in elevation in a concrete slab includes one or more channels having substantially parallel bottom and top edges The bottom and top On or more different type bolt holders are selectively insertable into the channels for holding J bolts in a vertical position, parallel to the channels.

A tie assembly for use during construction of monolithic cast in place concrete floor slabs bearing on a masonry stem wall The tie assembly connects to one is a partial cross section view of the stem wall interface with the monolithic slab, where the tie assembly comprises a reinforcement holder [] FIG is a cross

Dec , In particular, the present invention relates to panels having precast concrete beams and a corrugated metal deck BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION It is known to use certain methods for building concrete floor slabs on the above grade floors of multi story buildings One method simply builds forms in

Mar , The vertical web member of the transverse floor beams has recesses fitted over the longitudinal stiffening metal ribs, and interfits with the vertical web member of the inverted Tee rib The upper end of the Their initial construction cost is usually at least twice that of an equivalent concrete slab bridge deck.

May , A tendon identifying, post tensioned, elevated concrete slab, and method and form panel apparatus for constructing the same, provides a distinctively patterned bottom side slab surface in which the slab has a full thickness dimension extending along each individual post tensioning uniform and banded

Nov , The present invention relates generally to pre fabricated concrete slabs or other forms that can be rapidly connected and used for repairs on highway pavements, roadways and parking lots, bridge decks, aircraft runways, taxiways, buildings, floors, roofs, or any structure made using precast concrete forms.

May , selecting assemblies of construction based on the calculated virtual geometry, selected design characteristics and inputted project criteria selecting a) Area of loft ) Upper Floor Railing a) Railing overlooking vaulted space Basement ) Partial a) Square Feet of Slab on Grade ) Full ) Walkout.

Aug , This unique method of constructing deck slabs utilizes precast, prestressed concrete form panels that are continuous over the floor beams or supporting premanufactured, prefabricated and prestressed partial depth cement concrete panels positioned continuously in a general transverse direction, with a

Mar , (e) said closure members being disposed under said ridge portions of said decking so that concrete beneath said ridge portions is disposed over substantially is a partial cross sectional view of the top chord, steel decking and concrete slab of a composite floor structure according to this invention with a

Juni Each bridge section (A) has uniformly a floor slab (, ) over the entire width of the bridge and on both sides of the bridge (B) in each case an With the front transverse edge of his deck slab ( ) directly or through the slab () of the previous bridge section (A) to the lower corner of the truss triangles (, ).

Feb , A composite sandwich bridge deck exhibits a high bearing capacity and is easy to transport and assemble The application of such designs in bridge reconstruction projects can reduce traffic disruption times by more than [] and significantly reduce construction costs When used as floor slabs and

Feb , To form the slabs, pan type forms that are usually manufactured from steel or fiberglass and are generally square in plan have come into common use A suitably supported plywood decking receives these pan type forms in inverted relationship, and reinforcing rods, electrical conduit and plumbing

May , Additional work on the remote bridge included inspection of a partial deck replacement at the approach slab, as well as on numerous locations on the bridge s cantilever walkway. This work was done by first testing the deck for concrete quality to determine the areas that needed replacing Each section in

Oct , Nevertheless, the addition of cast in place deck slabs prolongs the on site construction time and encounters further traffic interruption is an enlarged partial cross sectional view of the t beam and pier, with the portion of UHPC concrete removed showing routing of the CFRP strands and [] FIG.

Jan , A multi story concrete building is constructed concurrently, that is, the steps for constructing the same are carried out simultaneously on different respective stories To achieve this Then decking formwork is erected for forming a concrete slab to serve as the floor for the next story thereabove Formwork