laminate wood honeycomb composite panel for wall

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Dec , Flexible honeycomb panels are vented by providing vent openings at specific locations within the honeycomb core A method for making a vented flexible honeycomb panel comprising the step of attaching at least one side wall to at least one side of a honeycomb made according to claim .

A wood structural member of the present invention, such as a laminated wood beam, a wood I beam, or truss, includes syntehtic fiber reinforcing panels The reinforcing panels include multiple synthethic fibers that are arranged parallel to one another and aligned with the longitudinal direction of the panel, and accordingly

The wood board in accordance with the present invention comprises a core layer comprising a strand board, and a surface layer comprising a oriented strand board which is laminated on at least one surface of the core layer the surface layer comprises thin wooden strands which are thinner than the thin wooden

Dec , A structural or flexible highly insulative panel which may be translucent, is formed from multi layer polymeric material in the form of an envelope walls, such as refrigerators and freezers which is long lived, high performance, which avoids the use of CFCs, and which can be used in composite with

A semi product for building panels or structural elements comprising several wood lamellas ( ) fixed by distance elements ( ), a building panel with such a semi The disclosure generally relates to the field of cores comprising several wood lamellas and building panels, e.g floor and wall panels, comprising such a core,

May , The laminated barrier panel of claim , comprising additional ballistic layers of bullet resistant composite material immediately outwardly adjacent each layer of The body material may be selected from the group of materials consisting of honeycomb materials, balsa wood and rigid foam materials.