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Haba These are some of my favorite beach toys and all of the Haba plastic toys are BPA free, PVC free and phthalate free The Sand Hape Committed to safety for kids and environmentally friendly, Hape toys are constructed with formaldehyde free wood and glue and use no chemicals in their wood drying process.

Sep , Appropriate for small to large remodels in areas with very low to no moisture Good for wall cavities or attic floors and ceilings Batts and boards require open walls Boards can be used in interior basement spaces Made of abundant material (silica) Up to recycled content, Releases eye, throat and

Oct , We found the solution to your outdoor and indoor displays with premium rigid signs! Our rigid signs are the economical choice for professional looking prints They are the key to optimizing your personal or business related projects We currently carry a number of different rigid sign materials to fit every

Mar , Give back to the world while getting healthy with the Yogacycled Eco Friendly Yoga Leggings As plastic in our oceans is a growing problem for the environment, this clothing brand is using recycled bottles for their products Featuring super fun designs, these leggings use an incredible recycled

Aug , We ve rounded up sites where you can find fair trade, eco friendly and or sustainable products you won t have buyer s remorse with these items and offers green recipes But there s also a shop that purveys funky wares, like a light bulb vase, an upcycled bathtub turned sofa (above) and wall art.

Sep , About percent of the material used to make cellulose insulation is post consumer waste paper, giving it the highest average recycled content of all insulation Cotton batts can be used in the same places as fiberglass or mineral wool batts, rolled out between open roof rafters, ceiling joists, or wall studs.

Eco friendly wedding Green wedding Sustainable wedding Did you try to make your wedding reflect your values What are some tricks, tips, and hacks There s almost always leftover food, trashed party favors, plastic decor, gas for shipping, all the packaging, and cheap versions of things that break easily (but you

Apr , Alex Wilson at Environmental Building News notes another significant problem with polystyrene insulation, found almost universally in structural insulated panels (SIPs) and ICFs they are The entire article is worth the price of a subscription, but is now behind the pay wall at Environmental Building News.

Nov , The industry is realizing that cork is a very resistant waterproof material and of course eco friendly since its extraction doesn t harm trees Cork is very powerful and can be used to replace a lot of harmful materials like for example plastics, so you can imagine what it is possible to achieve with cork Plastics

Sep , Buying recycled cardboard boxes and recycling them for something else make paper life longer Fabulous ideas to reuse and recycle plastic bottles decor and demonstrate support of Green living ideas Serving trays and plates made of cardboard boxes Game boards Cat beds Wall clocks .

Jan , Since spring , Target and EcoSet claim to have diverted , pounds from landfills, which is of all waste generated by Target s broadcast shoots in Los Angeles Some , plastic water bottles have been replaced by reusable bottles and reusable materials have been donated to more than

Huzzah! Problem solved! Creating your own rubber tipped toothbrush is remarkably simple Just follow the steps below and you, too, will be on your way to happier, healthier and more eco friendly teeth! Max UPDATE The plastic coating on these brushes can easily be removed in one clean piece (just stick something

Dec , This creative community in Norther Nigeria has managed to build eco friendly homes out of mud and plastic bottles, which are powered by solar panels and methane gas from recycled human The combination of cement with mud forms a solid wall which is stronger than the commonly used cinder blocks.

Transform the walls in your home into canvases the kids can d on using the dry erase board wall paint Jot down important information at a moment s notice while sporting the wearable dry erase board wristband This eco friendly notebook features a detachable binding and comes with reusable sheets.