sandwich panels composite sheets alu colorful docoration materials

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A process and article for a retroreflective polymeric coated flexible fabric material having a retroreflective layer and a polymeric compatibilizing layer welded to a is selected from the list of articles comprising a portion of a road sign, a roll up sign, article of clothing, an accessory bag, a backpack, a protective cover, a sheet,

The substrate layer is preferably a film of material which is identical with or compatible to the substance used to mold the article or ware The protective film is It is also contemplated that the reflective surface may be a self supporting metallic foil such as tin foil, aluminum foil, gold foil or the like In this instance the laminate

The method includes applying a layer of adhesive to a metallic substrate and laminating a decorative metallic sheet to the metallic substrate in such a manner that substantially all surface defects One proposal is to reduce the thickness or gauge of the monolithic panel and, thus, the total volume of material being used.

The idea at the basis of the invention is to make the part of the outer covering of the oven as one piece of prefabricated rigid composite multilayer based on fiberglass [] Thus the finished product has an improved resistance to thermal expansions, the fiberglass being a material having a high mechanical resistance,

The composite laminate comprises a polymeric sheet like core having a pair of surfaces to which are bonded a metal foil so as to form a sandwich type structure and According to the present invention since a ceramic material can be used as a substrate for plurality of different colors or types of natural stones , a single

Nov , The passive cooling device of this embodiment of the present invention consists of a panel having an extremely low thermal mass, for reasons, which will be later explained One embodiment of the present invention contemplates the utilization of a hex cell aluminum cored composite sandwich panel

Sep , The system of claim , wherein the light source for a light tile can provide at least two different colors of light The heat sink can be made of a metal, such as aluminum, or some other material with a relatively high conductivity of heat The front or back (or both shells) of the panel can be translucent.