second story decks and hardscaping

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Feb , the second level Two axes extend from the center of the radial living room to the entry creating the center of the grand steel and glass staircase, out to form the edge of the exterior hardscaping and to the rear creating the edge of the large double height volume outdoor living space and edge of pool deck.

Feb , BEFORE We were looking for a single story house with a flat backyard, which is really hard to find in Mill Valley, Sinclair says Except Merten used grasses to soften the entry hardscape The second floor office the home s only upstairs space features new dual work spaces and custom cabinetry.

Nov , The double height kitchen and dining area is the heart of designer @jonathantuckeydesign s family The one stop sourcebook for the considered home, guiding readers artfully through the remodeling and design process The definitive guide to stylish outdoor spaces, with garden tours, hardscape help,

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Oct , A well designed intensive living roof looks almost the same as ground level landscaping Is there any hard If hardscape elements, such as paving or decks, are required to be built over the green roof, that can be done in ways similar to how they would be installed onsite for ground level landscaping.

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Nov , The plan calls for a reboot of the building s exterior meaning both its exterior fascia and the landscaping hardscaping around it, as well as the first floor programming as part of a larger remodeling of the structure intended to unify staff currently situated in facilities throughout the county As staff at

Mar , It is what makes you pause to take a second look Like an artist uses a variety of brushes, paints and palette knives to craft a painting, you How to Use Conifers to Emphasize Texture Contrast with hardscaping and art Conifers can be used to contrast a hardscape doing so further highlights their texture.

Aug , It wasn t until the end of my visit that I went up on the deck to have a look, but in order to give you a better idea of the overall space I thought I d start our tour there Looking down to the left See the fellow standing below the bananas pointing up He s on a second planting level beneath the one you see here

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Mar , Her plants below on the deck attract hummingbirds, butterflies and bees, and the woods are filled with birds, such as woodpeckers, owls and hawks Loving the View This window lined, second floor porch acts as a favorite dining spot but is also great for relaxing with a good book or the morning paper.

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One of the most popular renovations in many parts of the country because in most cases, you have a ceiling, you have walls, and you have a floor, so it can be very reasonable to convert this space to living There s another project that can add even more value to your home that s on the outside and that s building a deck.

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Aug , Whether you re providing a simple service like pruning bushes or you re installing an elaborate three level deck, people will want to know upfront how much a job will cost As a result, it s imperative to develop good estimating skills right from the start The trouble is, estimating is a science, and it s easy to