outside concrete stairs covering

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Jun , I am planning on turning a single car garage into a tiny apartment I ve been concerned about the price of hiring a flooring company to change the concrete garage floor Painting the floor on my own sounds awesome Your flooring started with carpet What step would I start on if I was doing a regular garage

Jan , This is so critical because dirt, debris, oil, paint, and other junk can prevent the coating from adhering to the concrete slab If that happens, your floor will delaminate and the coating will chip and flake You ll be disappointed, and re coating will require significant additional steps Take this step seriously.

Concrete footing forms like the Sakrete concrete form at right (available at Home Depot) are ideal for pouring concrete footings for porch foundations We encourage you to check out our other porch foundation information below and also other porch related subjects like our porch flooring or porch steps sections.

Sep , installing pine stair treads and risers So, you can see that covering these ugly stairs was one of the main things on my mind when I bought this house After doing the stairs project in my old house in Birmingham, with the top piece of concrete I ll paint out that concrete with my brown porch paint too.

Apr , Well, over the past years we ve worn down the paint on those front stairs pretty significantly, but the real gem that s been lurking under our front matt can Down the road we dream of completely replacing this front stoop area with a true full covered porch where we can relax on rocking chairs looking out

Start by removing the existing flooring Scrape off any Instead, cover the subfloor with cement backer board, using corrosion resistant screws that are countersunk flush with the surface of the backer board Once the full tiles are laid and safe to walk on, the next step is to cut and fit the partial border tile along the walls.