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Aug , The patchwork custom MDF panels are installed along the interior eastern wall This design allows the users the flexibility to hang kayaks, canoes, bikes or a climbing wall When one panel is damaged it can be easily replaced without disturbing the rest of the wall The facility was designed with the goal of

Mar , The old door in the basement was original to the house, and Joe installed a new, slightly larger door in its place exterior door Save The New Door The new door is a simple, six panel, steel door Most exterior doors are installed with the brick molding against the face of the block wall However, this door

Aug , And the new wall paneling comes in modern designs that I could work with But there The boards are outside, and brought up to the deck, and cut to fit We try The x tongue and groove boards were much easier to install than the x, but in some spots, I did have to pound the boards together I kept a

May , And I just mounted my mount (the copper color pieces) to the old one (grey circle piece).but you will probably mount yours right to your wall and over an exposed hole in the wall where I am not an electrician and am not sharing exact instructions as to how everyone s light fixtures should be installed.

Jul , A natural wood exterior and structure was always something we agreed upon this is mostly because we also agreed that being able to stain or paint it to blend into the wooded yard was optimal but we wavered between using individual boards, or pieces of paneling to complete the walls because cost

Aug , lbs kg Installation Floor or wall mounted, Indoor or outdoor Certification North American and International Standards Grid code compliant The addition of powerwalls, solar panels, and EV chargers can easily put the average home over its capacity for pushing and pulling power to and