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Nov , In our ongoing series on healthy homes, I noted that modern architecture, with its emphasis on glass, developed in the period between the understanding of germ theory and the development of antibiotics Dirt and dust harboured germs that must be destroyed by fresh air and sunlight. But there is a

Dec , It seems to be all the rage these days Every building proposal has lush green balconies It is hard to tell how it is done when you look closely at the renderings of this proposal for Milano Santa Monica, via homedesignfind, one really cannot tell.

May , The , a month rental had many grand spaces for entertaining, including Mr Kerrey s favorite, a rooftop terrace Yet, its most unexpected Since safe room does not convey the same sense of blissful living as, say, a pool on a private deck, brokers tend not to advertise them But one notable listing at

Aug , It s healthy It s fun It s often an easier way to get around a city So why, asks The Guardian s Wayne Visser, aren t more of us on bikes So why, in an age desperate for more sustainable transport solutions, has the Netherlands succeeded so spectacularly where others have tried and failed There seem to

Aug , Even in New York, however, it can be extremely difficult for real estate agents to estimate a specific value on a property s outdoor space because so many variables are at play If you re a seller and you ve got the goods, make the extra effort to showcase your deck, yard, patio or balcony Often, the most

Oct , Storage benches may be one of the most versatile pieces of furniture we can own For anyone needing to maximize space, they re the answer to solving storage and seating problems They can also serve as a beautiful piece of home d├ęcor The options for storage benches are endless We re using them in

Sep , The podium rooftops feature deep soil intensive green roofs and accessible terraces, creating a lush landscaped outdoor amenity for employees, while also reducing stormwater runoff and providing additional thermal insulation A reflective coating on the tower rooftops reduces the summer season cooling

They have also given proper attention to the quality of the work environment inside the building by including roof terraces, courtyards, as well as natural light and air portals Signage Graphics Morphosis Architects, Haeahn Architecture Security Kolon Cost Estimator Kolon Construction Management Kolon Global Corp.

Jul , Some complain about taxes, insurance, and other costs but live in homes with incredibly high assessed values There is also an new wood patio deck = k Here s a flip that didn t work out http CA North Hollywood Laurel Terrace Dr home House in Studio

Aug , The creators of this eco air purifier are using crowdfunding to scale up the production of the Purggo, including raising the money to buy their materials in bulk (which helps to lower the unit cost) Backers of the Purggo Kickstarter campaign at the level will receive one full sized unit, plus two smaller

Nov , As the residents look out on the terraces and hang out there which is happening already you get a sense of community that you would never get otherwise, in a slab building, Teeple says teeple architects richmond street toronto photo stret view Stephen Teeple explains that it cost a bit more than it

Feb , The owners of this cottage wanted to use ecofriendly and natural materials whenever possible, in a palette of soft grays and neutrals She s Russian and he s Scottish, so we honored both those backgrounds in the design, Powers says After looking at mood boards, the couple chose a warm, welcoming

Jul , They want their loggias, their terraces, their barbecue, their roof deck, their fireplace, their two outdoor showers in the master bedroom and outdoor Bill D Agata, a Quogue based pool and landscape designer, built pavilions in six East End backyards, with prices ranging from , to million each.

Jul , Since every How Much House Can You Afford calculator includes estimates for a tax benefit, the result is just higher housing prices For the rich, the interest tax deduction is a great subsidy For everyone else The Home Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction is a lie People in SF and NYC get their mortgages

Apr , For readers with a balcony, the year of aerial edible gardening is a lovely and inspirational story of a woman who turned the flat roof outside of her bedroom window into a rooftop garden.

This unofficial app allows you to save your wanted Yu Gi Oh! cards in a quick way directly on your device showing pictures, live prices from several famous webstores, card text, available expansion sets and more useful data for collecting and trading in your local currency It contains a full offline database that offers the

Dec , Greenhouses aren t just for plants the concept can be used for human habitation too, as we have seen in this off grid home that s been surrounded by a conventional greenhouse to reduce heating costs Instead of being surrounded by a glass skin, the appearance and thermal system of this two storey

Apr , Level Ground If you want to make an insta garden, you don t have time to install a complex terrace system Cut one board in half for the end pieces, and screw everything together with good quality deck screws Exact costs will vary based on local prices for lumber and vegetable gardening soil mix.