rugs made from milk cartons

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Jul , a ball of scrappy yarn made from ends from another project a crochet hook sharp scissors How To Crochet A Dollhouse Shag Rug Quite simply crochet a rectangle in the desired size using the single crochet stitch, but instead of trying to bury the ends in your work try as much as possible not to bury them.

Jan , Guess what landed in my inbox this morning BAM! Milk carton lamps Marus van der Made of Vandermades Design Zoetermeer has designed these lamps called a.

Jan , Araelia from Sydney, Australia sent me these photos of the crocheted doily throw she made using my giant crocheted doily rug pattern! Isn t it great Truthfully, I made a baby blanket from this pattern as well, just never got around

Mar , This too shall pass is a series of food packages where the packaging has the same short life span as the foods they contain The package and its contents are working in symbiosis Tomorrow Machine a Oil package A package made of caramelized sugar, coated with wax To open it you crack it like an

Jul , they d ask and I d hunt out a selection of objects and a few empty containers and they d happily play, create and explore for hours planks of wood sticks pine cones logs plastic pipe pool noodles tires rope buckets and containers boxes milk crates cable reels carpet squares blankets or material

Jul , Now imagine that material is made from milk containers, coffee cups and other plastics that we recycle It s called structural plastic lumber, and They sold the material for a profit to make rugs and insulated jackets, stuff mattresses even produce new soda bottles Far more problematic was another type of

Nov , There is a small circle on the ornaments which is made to put string in and hang on a tree Place that circle part in the back of the snow globe when gluing so it is hidden Add whatever you want on the inside of your mason jar and tie a little string, ribbon, or twine around the lid to finish it off How to make a

This also means it is the type often used in polyester clothing, recycled fiber carpets, etc Milk jugs Plastic bottles Hard hats Water pipes Plastic lumber Some LDPE, however, is actually made from a renewable resource (sugar beet), but while this decreases the reliance on finite resources it doesn t solve the waste

Sep , We made an area rug with white and grey Flor tiles, but the white tiles are not holding up to the traffic in the room (despite having a no shoes rule) (Image credit Submitted by Jessica ) Jessica s words of wisdom The key for this project was in the planning of the mural I m glad I took the time to d it to

Apr , playdough mats crafts (we made sailboats with a bit of playdough, a popsicle stick and a sail) weaving boards (above) serving tray for little ones to carry around to serve others food ask your local Plastic gallon milk jugs serve as a deep root watering system for tomatoes (and other veggies).

May , Isn t this crocheted giant doily rug made with two colors of t shirt yarn just gorgeous I can say that since while it is my pattern, it s not my ingenuity, the two color idea that is! This is the work of Liat, who blogs in Hebrew about her crochet love, here And the two color idea was just one of those things .she

Dec , Single use plastic bottles, made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), are loved by MRFs because they are easy to resell Recycled plastic bottle flakes (rPET) will be shipped to manufacturers in the U.S China and beyond, where it will be used to make carpets or polyester fabriceven teddy bear stuffing

May , Milk carton bird houses Popsicle stick picture Unfortunately, I only finished half the first rug, but cross stitching actually stuck well into my thirties I made several things for our Humans are creative beings by nature because the Creator made us in His image (Genesis ) When we create when

Jul , The Arbor Birdhouse by Loll Designs is made from plastic milk bottles and local timber Modernism is absolutely for the birds, thanks to the Arbor Birdhouse by Loll Designs, a Minnesota based company that makes modern outdoor furniture and accessories from recycled skateboard ramps and milk jugs

Jun , and I found these mats from B.B Begonia They re eco friendly, stylish, and (most importantly for us) affordable, ranging from for a x mat to for an x one They re made from recycled pop and milk bottles and wipe clean, so you don t have to be too paranoid during summer parties or when your

Mar , One most common household item to reuse is your t shirts, which can be used as rugs Cut them into small stripes and tie them on to a rod Damaged clothes as wrap breakables Towel rolls for hair bands Wine glasses can be reused as pots for the cactus plants Milk jugs as clothespin holders.

Nov , We purchased the building in and opened the retail shop on the first floor and made the apartment above the shop our home Where did you The milk packaging in Sweden is very well designed, especially the Arla milk carton which features minimalist red bars, a black cow and clean type Swede s

May , Step into the Milk Stand popup shop we hosted at ICFF , featuring designers and a giant milk carton!

Mar , They can be used as welcoming carpets, but no one says they can not be integrated in a room s interior design In fact, having more of them on the same floor could create a fun street theme The indoor outdoor mats measure in diameter, are made from recycled truck tires and are being sold online for

Sep , For this month s Destination Design, we head to Xiamen, Fujian Province, China to check out Hotel WIND, designed by TEAM BLDG based around the word growing in reference to a building breaking out from the ground Obviously the building is designed by an architect and built by a construction team

Aug , These little rainbow striped sailboats, or possibly rafts with sails, can be made in so many ways, the main object being that they actually float when placed in the water, which these surely did Oh, and popsicle sticks wine corks a milk carton or milk jug wooden skewers, both flat and round a hot glue gun.

May , Theses cages designed by Vadim Kibardin for Kibardindesign are made entirely of Plexiglas and are assembled without any glue.

May , Milk, juice and aseptic cartons are layered rather than penetrated with plastic, making the materials easier to separate Paper cups This goes for water cups and coffee cups That s right Coffee cups go in the garbage Like freezer boxes, paper cups are also made with plastic so they don t dissolve into a

Jul , Finally, he launched Torpedo in spring Torpedo features a solid bronze body and exposed joinery, giving nod to traditional woodworking joinery The end cap and hang bar are made from a patinized gunmetal steel A soft light emanates from the narrow slots on the side, creating a warm glow wherever it

Sep , The giant crocheted doily rug (original pattern) seen here was made by a reader Anneke Wiese in South Africa, and I just came upon it and realized that I had never shared it, perfect timing! That cute little blondie could certainly pass for a child in Finland, right Giant Crocheted Doily matto ohje suomeksi

Watch this video from home improvement expert Danny Lipford to find out about eco friendly carpeting made from recycled plastic bottles Believe it or not, plastic bottles can be processed into fibers that are woven into a special yarn and turned into one of the most stain resistant carpets you can buy This is one of the