how to paint a composite front deck

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Front of brick house with entry door arbor House after And it blocks out of the UV rays, keeps your curtains, your carpet, your paint, all that kind of stuff from fading We ve cleared off the front porch to make way for a feature arbor, and I m going over the design details with Ken and Stacie before we start building.

Completed stackable block retaining wall in front of house Completed DIY stackable block retaining wall Building a stackable block retaining wall makes a great do it yourself project, though it does require a good bit of physical labor and some heavy lifting Here s how to go about it.

Although costs more initially, you ll never have to sand, stain or paint your deck Over the Periodic cleanings with a composite deck cleaner were far easier than the dreaded sanding and staining required to maintain wood decks Both our d er fronts and doors fit tight to the box front that helps keep rain out.

Jun , It was supposed to be a simple project Just paint the front doors a beautiful green (Benjamin Moore Perennial Green.) I had five doors to paint (front two doors, one side door and two wooden storm doors.) But, this DIY project was I have a desk that is going to need stripping to refinish I am scared now!

I need to replace some rotten wood, I need to fix the trim, obviously paint Up at the front porch, I m installing new cap molding around the base to wrap up repair number three But today we re planning on finishing all of the repairs on the outside of Hays s house so that he can move forward with his paint project.

I wondered, um, when I walked up to the house, I wondered, do you have many people coming to the front door Mary Lee Montgomery No Danny Lipford Meanwhile, Allen has finished washing the wrought iron and moving on to prepping it for paint But we still have We got some beautiful mums for the front porch

Jul , We re one step closer to front porch completion (this season anyway)! Our porch is stained! we went, and after sifting through way too many reviews on the merits of paint vs stain then ultimately turning to you for help (you guys rock) we nixed the idea of porch paint and went with an opaque stain.

But ever since then, it s stillthe whole porch and the whole front view of our house was kind of, kind of gloomy, wouldn t you say Ali Thackeray And dated Gloomy and dated Yellow stained glass on the sides of the front door So it just doesn tdidn t reflect who we are We have a little stain there from paint that dropped