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Aug , More than half of the Europe s demand for fresh fruits and vegetables are grown under the plastic shades, fuelling the province of Almeria s economy by fully hydroponic systems that drip feed chemical fertilizers into grow bags, over the last years, the area has been intensively used for agriculture.

Mar , Polyester based resin, cross linking, and tinting technologies protect metal industrial, agricultural, and storage buildings while providing chalk Insulated panel system for food processing rooms creates virtually seamless walls and ceilings by combining fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) panel faces with

A hanging display box with a carrying handle is made from a folding cardboard sheet The cardboard sheet includes a display panel with a window, a substantially transparent plastic material covering the window and having flaps extending substantially beyond the display panel A top wall attached to the display panel is

Oct , Effect of process parameters for production of microporous magnetic biochar derived from agriculture waste biomass Fast electron transfer and enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity using multi dimensional components of carbon quantum [email protected] daisy like In S single wall carbon nanotubes.

Dec , Contaminated water or run off can include urban run off, agricultural run off, and urban, agricultural, commercial or industrial wastewater The distance between the catch basin walls and outer metal mesh or plastic panel wall of the perimeter filter ranges from a few centimeters to several feet.

Feb , The reactor includes a support frame for supporting the reactor The reactor includes plural sidewalls , a top wall and a bottom wall for containing the plastic recycling reaction in the reactor The reactor includes a drain to remove the reaction fluid and or residual non recyclable

Sep , Their prototype, Growroom, was recently showcased at the Chart Art Fair in Copenhagen as a piece of agricultural architecture Growroom is a spherical structure made of metal framework that holds planter boxes By dividing the sphere into overlapping slices, in ensures water and light can reach all of the

Planning, materials, and basic design Housing for specific enterprises.

After years of buying and selling scrap plastic and regrind, we realized that many clients do not want to sale their product into the scrap market to be destroyed Glazing, in general, refers to a part of the window, facade panels, rain screens, wall, railroad, door, storefront, and entrance made of glass, which is sealed with

Jul , They have adapted themselves well to a life of living in the vertical dimension and the overhead dimension clinging vertically onto the high walls to rest, sleep and breed Attaching their nests securely to and bringing up their young high up on the vertical caves walls and nesting panels including from

Jun , Mushroom mycelium is an alternative to plastics and foams MycoBondTM biodegradeable packaging material, made from mushroom and agricultural waste, developed by Ecovative Design Credit Edward Browka, Ecovative Design This Behind the Scenes article was provided to LiveScience in

Nov , Articles of plastic, floor covering, baths, shower, sinks, washbasins, seats, sanitary ware of plastic Slabs of marbles and granite Wall paper and wall covering Glass of all kinds and articles Parts of specified agricultural, horticultural, forestry, harvesting or threshing machinery Specified parts of sewing

Nov , A study published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that people living in subsistence farming communities around the world have shorter, wider jaws than those in hunting and gathering societies This leaves less room for teeth, which have changed little in size or

Jan , CLT is a manufactured wood product used for load bearing wall, floor, and roof panels made of dimensional lumber and adhesive In one of those truth is stranger than fiction moments, our United States Department of Agriculture has awarded million to two wooden high rise projects, one in Portland

In California left the swimming pool empty because of the severe drought and skateboarders started to skate the vertical walls of empty swimming pool which started the vert trend in skateboarding Skating in the Penny skateboard is a skateboard that the board is made out of plastic instead of plywood Also the size

A combination drainage and waterproofing system for subterranean walls includes panels which have drain passages on the side thereof adjacent the soil in a plastic carrier sheet with a rear facing permeable surface sheet covering the otherwise open cups or pockets and lying between those pockets and the wall of the

An agricultural work vehicle includes a vehicle body having longitudinally extending sides An enclosed engine A central duct may be configured in communication with the space between the inner and outer wall to convey intake air to a portion of the intake housing covering the inlet opening The present invention also