dampproof wood composite wall panel

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Jul , The use of wooden or vinyl coverings too make the vapor retarders into risk Other risk parameters are the use of wall sensitive adhesives Under these situations, it is most preferred to have a heavy duty panel or water proofing to be installed than waiting for the loss caused by the complete replacement

Jul , The present invention relates to compositions and methods useful for waterproofing or dampproofing various water penetrable materials used in Reducing or eliminating water penetration through structures formed of these materials often is desirable such as for below grade building walls, and may be

In certain embodiments, the fibres may be present within the plasterboard in the form of particles of agglomerated fibres, for example, paper particles and or wood particles (for example, fine sawdust particles) In general, these particles are irregular in shape The particles typically have one or more of the following