plans for deck planter seats

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

May , I ve never before used a woodworking plan to make a project and I couldn t be more pleased with how this bench turned out My pictures were taken in our yard but this Drill and counter bore the intended screw holes so that the deck screws are flush with the seat surface How to Make a Bench Seat.

Weathered white bistro chairs and a welcoming round table provide a charming backdrop for colorful accessories Read on for more ways to feel Soft, colorful cotton makes any tabletop summery this red and yellow design jibes with the homeowner s version About a washtub used as a planter View as slideshow.

you should also fit × braces between the a frames, in order to add support to the construction Plumb the A frames with a spirit level before fitting the top beam, otherwise the corners won t be right angled Don t forget to check out the rest of the project, as to learn how to make the bench swing Plan everything with great

Jul , This DIY hexagon planter is easy to build and customize, requiring only ONE board! Perfect for I plan to move it to our front entry next month once we finish the renovations we re working on out there, but for now it s nice to have some blooms on the deck! Check out the other Easy Farmhouse Bench.

May , When interior designer Liz Stewart replaced the concrete deck in this project, she added a concrete bench and covered it with colorful pillows She says that what was once a Another rooftop garden, this one by C Marie Designs, takes a corner pocket approach to seating areas In one corner you have a

May , A extension of rectilinear zinc planter boxes becomes an important element to the deck design as it conceals the less than appealing rooftop elements and softens up the deck with a splash of greenery These simple boxes do their job without taking attention away from the bamboo that will be growing