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Aug , The grandstand (Marani and Morris, demolished ) was Exhibition Place s first postwar Modernist building and received a silver medal in the New Formalist influences showed in its columned entrance portico, pristine white wall panels and decorative screens of gold anodized aluminum.

Dec , JM Architecture lines L shaped villa on northern Italian coast with ceramic tiles by Mosa things in their brief They wanted a very low maintenance house, including the outdoor areas and they wanted to eliminate the use of wood as far as possible bar the prefabricated wood construction of the house.

Sep , Floors are made of silver Catalonian limestone, and walls and ceilings are also painted light grey The colours are echoed in the slightly darker grey brick exterior of the building Deirdre Dyson gallery by Timothy Hatton The architects added glass bricks to the back wall of the gallery, to bring additional

With weathered furnishings, floral patterns and rustic decor, the cottage style lends itself beautifully to an outdoor space Create an inviting scene in your front entry to give the exterior of your home a welcoming feel Switch out that old mat, hang a wreath and introduce some plants and flowers This burst of color and nature

Jan , This colossal Egyptian structure is so grand a work that even today, , years after its construction, it is still considered by some to be the most impressive civil Just as the Great Pyramid has managed to survive into modern times, so has our love affair with the simple but powerful angled shape Modern

Oct , On the other hand, trees and tall buildings may filter the light so it s no longer bright, or may even block the light during a good portion of the day if a plant More Other humidity lovers include the silver leaved aluminum plant (Pilea cadierei), the popular arrowhead vine (Syngonium podophyllum) and the

May , Silver Galvalume cladding a kind of aluminium and zinc alloy wraps around the outer walls, forming a plain windowless surface As for ventilation, we set galvalume plates with the same quality as the main exterior wall of material, colour, and shape, in very narrow intervals at two areas of the exterior

Jul , The mullion of claim wherein securement means further comprises means for attaching said metal plate to a support structure in a building ,,, describes a window assembly having an exterior frame made from extruded aluminum sections and an interior frame formed of sections of extruded

May , On the balcony, Douglas fir flooring, new Milgard aluminum windows, and floord board and batten wood siding make for one of several inviting outdoor spaces Before After A Mid Century Post and Beam Home in Mt Washington A collection of vintage decor in the dining and living areas,

Mar , The building features a shapely facade made up of , aluminium panels of varying sizes and curvatures This was The DDP is an architectural landscape that revolves around the ancient city wall and cultural artefacts discovered during archaeological excavations preceding DDP s construction.

Jul , Located at a prominent position close to the college s entrance, the building faces the central quadrangle and is flanked on the opposite side by a row of mature trees Communication Centre at Pangbourne College by Mitchell Taylor Workshop Blob shaped silver building contrasts with a red tower at

Jul , There can also be problems with the exterior siding, the frame, the electrical, the tires, and that doesn t begin to include the cosmetic issues You can see exactly what I am talking about in the picture below see the silver line where the brown and white siding meet That is the Diamond Sharpie Wall.

Exposed brick, unpainted beams, dusky concrete slabs, copper walls, steel diamond plate flooring These are the foundations for an ever evolving canvas where You treasure upcycled salvaged iron, reclaimed Douglas fir tables, repurposed tequila barrels, military fabrics circa WWII decor that hints at lives well lived.

Mar , Many naturally occurring substances, such as clay, sand, wood and rocks, even twigs and leaves have been used to construct buildings Apart from Chrome, gold, and silver are used as decoration, because these materials are expensive and lack structural qualities such as tensile strength or hardness.

Aug , Mecanoo designed the exterior of the building to reference the city s jewellery quarter, adding a filigree pattern of metal rings over golden, silver and glass Francine Houben founded Mecanoo in and the studio s best known designs include the Maritime and Beachcombers Museum and the TU Delft

Aug , Modern Exterior by Travis Price Architects Travis Price Architects The fact that copper is expensive and soft yet strong means that thin sheets are ideal, and they can be shaped easily a good combination In another D.C residence by Price, the gentle curve of the copper wall is not a problem, even with

May , Its construction follows a change in Parisian planning law, which now allows for new buildings above metres in height for the first time in over years An amendment to The entire structure is made from concrete, but the outer walls are clad in panels of golden and silver corrugated aluminium panels.

Jan , The outside is cladded with mirroring stainless steel sheets Inside is a world of silver colored metal and black rubber The floor finish is black rubber, also found in factories The walls are cladded with aluminum sheets A meter wide silver coloured fan which can rotate the ceiling is installed to enhance

Apr , Our home has cement Hardie Board siding, which was expensive as far as exterior options go, so I got the idea of finishing the basement wall with sheet time not needing a washer, but these screws are also steel and will rust, so you don t end up with a rusted metal wall and bright silver screws.

Jul , Chae Pereira Architects has added a greenhouse like educational facility clad in translucent plastic panels to an arts centre in the South Korea diffuse spatiality and lightweight translucent materials, explained architect Laurent Pereira, whose previous projects include a knot shaped museum building.

May , Timber was also used for the joinery and staircase, as well as for the partition walls Salon and office by Junichiro Ikeura The metallic cladding is made from silver Galvalume a kind of aluminium and zinc alloy Salon and office by Junichiro Ikeura Located opposite the Fukutsu train station, the building is