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Jul , Along one side of the warehouse, the spruce lumber boards form the walls, floors and staircase of a two level structure Similarly, at one end of the space they create a large wall of storage that divides the main atelier from another workspace The wood panels also form a system of sliding doors across both

Aug , Danish police said Wednesday that a headless torso found in waters off of Copenhagen is that of missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall, the Associated an inventor charged in the death of the journalist on his personal submarine, has admitted she died on board and that he consequently buried her at sea

Mar , Graphic designer Peter Saville and architect David Adjaye have collaborated to design a new London showroom for Danish fabric producers Kvadrat factory, the showroom includes a staircase with coloured glass balustrade, which will also be used as seating for viewing projections on the opposite wall.

Aug , And the fact that the passenger will be weightless is not because he amp s orbiting, but just because he amp s in freefall on the way down He amp s weightless in the same way that I amp m weightless when I jump off a diving board I think one orbit is required for Denmark to be included as a spacefaring

Danish inventor Peter Madsen has admitted dismembering the corpse of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, whose body parts were found at sea after she interviewed him on board his homemade submarine, Danish police said Monday Updated Updated October Madsen, who is suspected of murdering Wall, has until

Oct , Danish navy divers found plastic bags, weighted down by metal, containing the body parts, a knife and some of Wall s clothes in a Bay, just south of Copenhagen on Friday The latest discovery comes after the journalist s mutilated torso was found, without head, arms or legs, days after boarding Peter

Dec , Here are a few tips for bringing the Danish concept of Hygge into your home and life this winter Treat yourself to special, warm drinks Don t just slug down that cup of coffee or tea for quick buzz in a paper cup with a plastic lid Put it in a beautiful White painted walls and boho decor And have enough

Oct , Wall was last seen on board the submarine on the evening of August as she and Peter Madsen, a self taught engineer and inventor, sailed in waters off Danish and Swedish authorities are meanwhile re examining unresolved murders involving mutilated women to see if there is any link to Madsen.

Jul , Its ongoing collaboration with Parley for the Oceans has seen the brand incorporate plastic reclaimed from the ocean into its trainers Kvadrat, which was established in Denmark in , is one of the world s leading textile brands Among the designers it has previously worked with are the Bouroullecs, who

Jan , But even a novice could soon master the art as two have created a small plastic loop that fits on the finger to help darts players perfect their throw The PHD Professor and director of the Centre for Single Particle Science and Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, created

Nov , An arm was found in the sea south of the Danish capital, close to where investigators have been searching for the body parts of Kim Wall Her dismembered, naked torso was found on a southern Copenhagen coast in late August and her head, legs and clothes were discovered in plastic bags at sea in

Aug , Danish Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson fills an entire wing of Denmark s Louisiana Museum of Modern Art with a landscape of stones for Riverbed exhibition part of an exhibition titled Riverbed, is a staged imitation of a natural landscape within the walls of one of Denmark s important Modernist buildings.

Jan , A colourful rock climbing wall is located at the back of the hall, while panels of oriented strand board line the lower levels of the three remaining walls Gymnastics building by Heams et Michel The program simplicity led us to reflect on the plastic side of the project In fact, the area of study of the circus, put

Sep , Let these fresh takes on the classic bulletin board inspire your own installation, from clipboards and pegboards to entire walls filled with ideas Clear plastic clipboards look sleek and allow a rich wall color to show through Use tags to label Modern Home Office Home in Copenhagen, Denmark .

Feb , This case concerned the claimant s plastic lockers, sold under the brand name eXtreme lockers of precision in the fit between two articles, though they needn t touch, which the shape of the lockers achieved (even though further acts were needed to guarantee stability, e.g drilling the lockers to the wall).

Oct , A couple of minutes later he is unresponsive again and the flight attendant yells call overhead for a physician on board I raised my hand Despite overcoming and excelling academically and obtaining the title of Dr in front of my name, I still get side eye glances when I introduce myself as Dr Denmark.

Mar , A week after the Swedish Migration Board announced it was tripling the maximum number of residents allowed at asylum centres, The Local brings you a Slumped on plastic chairs, some hugging battered suitcases, others appearing to have travelled without a single belonging, most of the latest asylum

Dec , Johan Huibers gigantic wooden boat in the Netherlands can receive up to vistors per day and boasts two cinemas and a restaurant.

Jun , On the day of experimentation, an internal cannula (CIS , Plastics One Inc Roanoke, VA) was inserted through the guide cannula and connected to a Hamilton syringe (KH ul, Hamilton Reno NV) with cannula tubing (CCT, PE Thin wall, Plastics One Inc Roanoke, VA) A total volume of

Aug , Word is given and they troop out of the building in the afternoon heat to board a bus The next stage of their journey has begun A TV high on the wall was on but few people were watching, preferring to rest on their bed or just stand around in groups Several young Bangladeshi men sat in a circle and

Mar , The Danish company continues to expand by offering robot arms so easy to program that even a reporter can do it Spectrum Say I m a plastics company and I want to buy a robot to do some manufacturing tasks Why would I get a UR that has one arm and not a Baxter that has two arms and a bunch of

Jul , The design left a small strip at the north, so to make this space feel bigger we decided to extend the garden up the side wall, said B?gh Villa One by EFFEKT Construction for the timber framed house was completed in six months, and cost , Danish krone (approximately £,) per square metre.