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Aug , The Decosonic Mineral Fiber Ceilings Tiles are available in standard thickness of mm, mm, mm Density Our Tiles have maximum Quality Testing At Decosonic CNBM we always insist on delivering the highest quality of product and service levels to all our clients Having experienced this

Sep , The Build Eco Xpo (BEX) Asia held in Singapore this month displayed many innovative green building solutions that can be replicated in India Here are eight innovative green products that can be used across India Green wall Also known as living walls or vertical gardens, green walls are a common

Jun , The ground floor walls are entirely made of unpolished lt what stone giving the house a natural look Sun dried local tiles from a small scale industry in Chettinad have been used to cover the floor Very little cement or concrete has been used But that s not the best thing about the house In an era of power

Apr , Inside, you ll find low energy lighting, wooden walls that help maintain a comfortable temperature and furnishings made by local craftspeople What s Eco Friendly About It Various parts of the hotel EW built over the water in the Indian Ocean, minimizing interference with the natural environment.

For his wall in Lodhi Colony, Indian artist Blaise Joseph chose to make the portrait of a mother figure who has diverse manifestations She also represents indigenous communities who are pollinators and can sustain ecological diversity with the knowledge they possess, yet who are forced to be displaced from their

May , It s good to dream, to have a vision, a goal I was delighted to see that I could easily follow the story, painted on nineteen different panels of the wall Silappathikaram wall, lies the entrance to the Adyar Poonga, the park created from the estuary and creek of the Adyar River, an ecological park being

May , But as we ve seen in a number of striking examples, using reclaimed materials can not only produce impressive results, but also a lighter ecological footprint through the principle of reduce, reuse and recycle Located in Mumbai, India, local design studio S PS Architects created this elegant residence

Nov , However, while building toilets across the country is the need of the hour, it is also important to pay attention to environmentally friendly set ups and local conditions In glaciers where the temperature is as low as °C, the toilet is fitted with solar panels of watt to keep the excreta warm for processing.

Sep , eco school, eco classroom, environmental school, green art school, green back The Green School and native low water plantings Large north facing windows provide plenty of natural light, cross ventilation helps keep the indoor from becoming stuffy, and the massive walls minimize ambient noise.

Nov , Solution To Delhi s Smog Problem This Moss Wall Eats As Much Polluted Air As A Small Forest This effective eco friendly innovation may just what Indian cities need in their uphill battle against pollution Also, they attract attention and are good tools to raise awareness in the entire community See

Aug , Made up of a series of interlocking panels, it offers waterproofing and insulation, and at one third of the cost of a concrete roof Founder Hasit Ganatra came up with the concept while doing a survey of Indian homes three years ago He noticed that families tended to spend all their money building the walls

Jul , Retail store design Furniture Visual Merchandising Branding Materials Lighting ECO Neelkanth Jewellers Store by D, Bangalore India The color tones were muted grey and white with different types of material from texture paint to wall paper, painted glass, carved panels and contemporary

Jul , Guests look out over the Bay of Bengal from the air conditioned rooms at the Nalla Eco Beach Resort in Pondicherry, India, while an open air stage offers space for local cultural events, plays, and musical performances Interiors include furniture and walls built from recycled teak, rosewood and granite

Jul , To avoid drywall s downsides, other companies are coming up with environmentally friendlier alternatives The Calgary based company DIRTT (Doing It Right This Time), for example, designs modular walls insulated with recycled denim and pieced together with removable panels made of materials such

Apr , The architects of the concrete home in Mumbai, India, used old doors and windows to create a very eye catching and environmentally freindly fa?ade The architects also used recycled textile blocks, flooring made from old teak rafters and purlins and a wall made of leftover metal pipes Photo by

Jan , The first building introduced with a curtain wall was the Crystal Palace in the Great Exhibition held in London in point supported, double skinned, and membrane structured one in addition, more energy efficient, ecological fa?ade panels, photoelectric fa?ade, and intelligent fa?ade are gathering

Feb , uPVC windows and doors have a greater energy saving potential than any other window material and rank at the top of the league in eco efficiency analyses, says Munshi They have the highest thermal insulation property compared to other framing materials like aluminium, wood and their extrusion

Nov , eco retreat, India green retreat, Himalayan resort, dry stack stone wall, eco While the retreat may be of humble origins, the visitor experience is intended to be one of refinement The main dining room serves up delicacies made by trained local residences The rooms are kept cozy by a wood fireplace, and

Nov , A solar inverter is a part of a solar energy setup that consists of photovoltaic solar panels, charge controller and batteries The photovoltaic solar panel produces variable DC current and the solar inverter converts it into AC current Central inverter is the most common type of solar inverter used in homes.

Jul , Although the above five companies all specialize in prefab housing, each maintains a distinct design aesthetic and environmental standard They represent a growing and influential consumer base that prioritizes sustainable and cost efficient home solutions at lightning speed, and they could be in your city

niche, lamp, light, oldstyle, indian home Niches are everywhere in this We initially met a famous engineer in Vijayawada who was ranked as the second best there He did not agree with my WallArt s D Eco friendly wall panels are made from the fibrous remains of sugarcane (also called bagasse) This material, as a

Apr , Moreover, with its current dependence on suburban trains, these eco friendly battery operated buses, or other options like monorail metro rail can at best be fine for feeder routes, but can never be part of MRTS which is urgently required for Mumbai These buses are too expensive for the BEST to have a

Jun , environmentally friendly stadiums designed for greener sports Melbourne Rectangular The stadium is the first of a kind that shows much promise to be an environmentally friendly sports arena The solar and wind turbine dependent LED panels are installed on the inner walls, roof and the site.

Jun , In my attempt to beat the heat this year, I tried aluminium insulation on my terrace using aluminium foil, thermocol sheets and gunny bags Moreover, with its current dependence on suburban trains, these eco friendly battery operated buses, or other options like monorail metro rail can at best be fine for

Jan , The off grid project is powered by solar panels and makes use of a composting latrine that produces biogas to provide energy for the family Following an international seminar about the future of eco tourism in the Western Ghats region in India, Sami Rintala, Daggur Eggertsson and Pasi Aalto of Rintala

Aug , ) The panel has good colour reproduction ) Online content ( Movies) is great if you have a decent broadband connection ) The design of the TV adds value to the room it inhabits ) Under Rs K, it is the best TV to buy CONS )Low Refresh Rate ( Hz) ) Yupp TV channel quality and content are

Apr , The house, is ft in length and breadth and close to ft tall, and its walls are interchangeable It can set anywhere all one has to do is unfold its metal frames and start fixing panels These panels will be the walls for the house They have also been built it in such a way that there are provisions for