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The invention discloses a trailing edge ( ) of an aircraft aerodynamic surface, which comprises an upper skin ( ) and a lower skin ( ), being the upper and lower but stiff skins (typically made from carbon fibre reinforced plastic laminates) to a lightweight but thick core (usually open and closed cell structured foams).

Apr , Meta Positioning of Carbonitrile Functional Groups Induces Interfacial Edge On Phase of Oligophenyl Derivatives Matthias Marschall , Joachim Quantum confinement in self assembled two dimensional nanoporous honeycomb networks at close packed metal surfaces N Kepija , T J Huang , F.

Graphene s purest form is a one atom thick planar sheet of sp bonded carbon atoms that are densely packed in a honeycomb or hexagonal crystal lattice Optimal properties of the graphene flake We have found that the performance of a graphene flake is dominated by both the texture and the surface and edge

A suspension hook has a swivel connection with the core panel whereby the mannequin can be suspended from an overhead clothes bar or hook structure edges of said core panel with the outer edge surface of the cushion being in close proximity to the core panel edges said cushion having two major surfaces spaced

Oct , Each cell is defined by at least four sides, wherein at least two adjacent sides intersect at an obtuse angle resulting in the first edge side and the second edge side providing a means for joining two panel components and having an extensive bonding surface A structural panel component is comprised of a

Sheet goods having extremely long repeat lengths and tiles having a large number of different visual patterns are formed by printing two different print patterns If the surface covering is a rotogravure printed sheet good, the repeat length will depend on the circumference of the print cylinders and the difference in the

Mar , The circular saw blade having a sharp bevel cutting edge provides a clean cut of the honeycomb core material at the surface to be cut invention relates to milling cutters for honeycomb core material, and more particularly, to a cutter assembly for machining honeycomb core surfaces to a close tolerance in

In joining two honeycomb core pieces in the direction of their length (L direction) we recommend that the outer marginal edge of each piece be overlapped with respect to the face surface area of its adjacent piece a minimum distance of about one full cell length of the material In splicing the pieces together in the direction of

Jan , In the present study, we have investigated the microheterogeneity of the core, corona, and peripheral regions of the F micelle using red edge excitation shift Soft template synthesis of honeycomb like ratiometric oxygen sensitive polystyrene nanospheres and their application in anti counterfeit

Apr , [ ]Dreadpiratemarc points points points months ago ( child) Engineer here Was it strong enough to walk on A perfectly flat aluminum sandwich with a foam or honeycomb core, my first thought is cabin floor material Just about every surface on the outside of an airplane is going to have a curvature

Contact smart cards having a document core, contactless smart cards including multi layered structure, pet based identification document, and methods of According to another aspect of the present invention, a smart identification document includes a core layer including a first surface and a second surface a first layer

Resistance to solvents is achieved by lowering edge penetration into the board so that the edges are hidden inside the casing of the seamed package or container or that they are turned onto its outer surface, or the edge of the board may be skived and thereafter folded double, so that the edge is closed.

The workpieces are cut and trimmed and are profiled at each of their edges in a single operation This is accomplished by means of two circular sawblades, which extend in a common plane and have interdigitating sawteeth, which preferably have diamond cutting edges The interdigitating sawteeth of the two sawblades

Sep , said flexible, non woven fibrous sheet material and said slit pattern, in combination producing an extendible sheet characterized by by the necessity for the slits to be close to being perpendicular to the edges of the web, so that during the expansion step, the expansion proceeds in a controlled manner.

The building material comprises a rigid core support material, a decorative outer surface layer, and a fiber based flame barrier layer positioned between the of form characterised by a discontinuous layer, i.e formed of separate pieces of material characterised by a layer of regularly arranged cells, e.g a honeycomb

Feb , Fourth, not only is the composite surface designed, but the tooling and moulding for the composite is just as intensive as the final part The aforementioned advances of material science in engineering of cellular solids, such as honeycomb core materials and foams, have resulted in the ability to design

Dec , A process as defined in claim wherein the strip is coined for fan folding by passing between a pair of rolls each having an axially extending anvil surface and an axially extending fold line forming edge, said anvil surface and said edge being angularly related, rotating said rolls to alternately present an

Unfortunately, near the edges or interface between the caul plates, pressure inconsistencies or misalignments may occur This results in The composite curing mandrel includes a surface, a plurality of anchors, a corresponding plurality of anchor clamps, a tensioning groove, and a tensioning device The surface receives

The top surface layer of the mover may consist of a friction layer or coating which would aid in the appliance staying in place on mover when being slid across hard surfaces of a finished nature In one embodiment, friction layer is a layer of open or closed cell foam in which the weight of the appliance would

For example, panels , , , , and may be constructed by layering one or more plies of fiberglass skin over each side of a Nomex honeycomb core The shell of the ), which could cause the upper end of the ladder assembly to contact and damage the edge of the access opening (FIG ) To prevent this

Tile segments in desired shapes are out with great precision utilizing a computer controlled laser and assembled on a previously prepared secondary backing with a sheet of hot melt adhesive material interposed between the assembly of segments and the secondary backing The hot melt adhesive is then heated to fuse

The cleaning article has a width and comprises a sheet, having an inwardly oriented face and an outwardly oriented face opposed thereto The differential widths provide a construction which allows the strips to advantageously present a dynamically changing area to the target surface during cleaning, under normal

Feb , The premachining cutting edges extend alternately with left hand twist about and untwisted along the tool axis, the postmachining cutting edges trailing However, it has also been shown that when cutting with left hand twisted cutting edges, only, the cut material is forced into the machined surface of the

Sep , Traditionally, skin and stringer structures and honeycomb panels have been widely used where weight is at a premium as it is in the aircraft, aerospace Also, special tooling is required to mill the ribs, and the inherent high strength of the I section makes machining difficult and precludes complex, three

The percentage by weight of resin in the first layer is such that the first layer distributes the impact of a projectile which strikes its surface over a large area of the panel and effectively contributes to the ability of the panel to stop and or slow the projectile Furthermore, the second layer of flexible woven fabric is encapsulated

A first pass is then made of the gun over the core to spray a thin coating of about onequarter mill on the edges of the cells A mill When sound waves impinge on the front surface of the core, they meet with only the material of the edges of the honeycomb cells and only a minute amount of sound is reflected Most of

Nov , The plate resonator according to claim , further comprising edge mountings for attaching said plate resonator to a room surface below Hz, () it is distinguished by a completely hermetically closed construction, () with completely smooth surfaces on all sides and with internal honeycomb structures,