exterior wall cladding composite wood sheets

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

The glazing panel can be incorporated as a fixed window or as an operating window or door in an external building wall In addition to residential wood frame construction, overlap window construction with sealed frame, insulating glazing panels also offers advantages for commercial high rise frame buildings FIG.

PREFABRICATED COMPOSITE MASONRY PANEL FORMED OF PRELAID INDIVIDUAL MASONRY MODULES BONDED TOGETHER Filed Sept , FIGURE is a fragmentary vertical sectional view showing a horizontal joint between two panels disposed in superimposed edge to edge relationship FIGURE is

Dec , An article comprising such a composite can be used for external facade cladding of buildings, exterior siding applications, structural application in screening and bracing, walls, roofs and floors, cladding for a balcony, or of a parapet panel or apron panel, or else for the internal lining of walls or furniture,