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Nov , A new and potentially more accurate test for prostate cancer is being trialled across the UK The new multi parametric (MP) MRI scans could give accurate and detailed images making it easier to identify whether or not a patient has prostate cancer The new scans could also predict the size of a tumour and

Mar , They are per cent more likely to be taking antidepressants than people in any kind of social or family group, scientists found.

Dec , He noted that the iPhone step counter may have led to overestimation of the game s effect on physical activity among the study participants, and the sample may not be representative of the general population But experts warn that some people may actually increase their physical activity through playing

Jul , RELATED ARTICLES Previous Next How FAKE BOOBS could save your life Breast implants reduce Fashion model becomes first double amputee in UK to walk the Surgery is NOT best for prostate cancer Going under the Teenage suicides peak during exam season because of the.

Jan , So far diabetic patients have been fitted with an Endobarrier a plastic tube inserted down the throat and through the stomach.

Apr , The comments by former British GP Professor David Haslam are the latest in the long running debate over whether it is better to eat little and often or to consume three proper meals a day.

Jul , Given increasing parental decisions to not vaccinate their children, we wanted to understand the effect of small reductions in vaccine coverage on overall measles cases, said study co author Nathan Lo of Stanford University School of Medicine in California Scroll down for video About percent of

Jun , I called A.L Thomas, the flooring company I always use and trust, and asked what they would recommend They told me to give it a little time and June , at pm I know, so weird how it I had a small rug at the front door that we affixed rubber non slip strips to The rubber crumbled before it

May , The WHO s report will not be released until later this week, but two national newspapers reported yesterday that it will quote evidence saying people who Well, over the last few years the Daily Mail has claimed that pretty well everything gives you cancer I d suggest reading the thing doesn t help .

Feb , Robert Schrader, the creator of travel website Leave Your Daily Hell says Not only does travelling by land allow you to experience a destination better than flying, Just slip up your hood to retreat from the world of noise and light when you want to sleep on a flight, airport seat or bus, says Sam Baldwin,

Mar , Greater understanding and acceptance of the mind body connection will provide patients and clinicians with new opportunities for improving the lives of persons with chronic back pain and other challenging conditions that are not always effectively managed with physical treatments alone

Nov , Both are difficult to get at and even if you do reach the site, there is a serious risk of damage while retrieving tissue The Parsortix technology has been given European approval and has already been tested on some cancers in the UK, but is not yet in routine use However, Newlands believes the device,

Nov , With Pioneer DJ s first ever deck to feature a touch screen, a familiar club layout and a host of pro DJ performance features, the XDJ is the perfect springboard from the Many features are inherited from the top flight CDJ NXS, including mm jog wheels, Slip Mode, Quantize and Beat Sync.

Feb , KWRG, England, years ago Yet another stick to beat infertile people with, as if their problems were not hard enough to deal with already Those who criticise IVF are usually those who never had a problem themselves (or didn t want children) Human beings can be afflicted by all kinds of hereditary

Jul , Women have long been warned not to put on too much weight while pregnant, with experts warning their baby could suffer as a result But a major study led by Aberdeen University implied most women who put on weight during pregnancy do not see their children s health affected over the long term.

Mar , For years, levels of lead in blood deemed to be unsafe in children were up to seven times higher than what is considered unsafe today Carolina, looked at more than , children who grew up in cities (they did not look at rural areas) with high levels of lead exposure born between and .

Aug , Restoring a bone hormone back to youthful levels reversed memory loss in mice, found scientists in New York, paving the way for a new drug to treat age related cognitive decline.

Oct , Women should also consider taking up a hobby such as crosswords, reading or cards to ward off dementia in their later years, experts say.

Oct , Scientists at Harvard say that drinking just one extra glass of water a day could be the secret to halting an expanding waistline.

Nov , A Herriot Watt University study reveals those who drink wine while listening to music perceive their tipple to have the same characteristics as a particular artist or tune.

Sep , It s not just how the drugs interact that s an issue As we age, everything slows down and becomes a bit less efficient, including the time taken to clear chemicals out of the system, said Dr Skolnick It s likely that many older people are being overdosed, and this may be giving them a poorer quality of life .

Apr , I thought she might even like to do ballet and then I could deck her out in a tutu What was I thinking What I didn t expect was to give birth to a biting, kicking, shouting, screaming, pinching monster For my baby girl Ottoline is one of the loudest, most opinionated, most demanding children I have ever met.

Oct , A gene mutation makes Ventolin inhalers ineffective for around children, a study found The blue inhalers work less well the more frequently they are used.

Mar , Using a laptop in bed can also disrupt your sleep patterns, so should be avoided Unfortunately, it s not so simple for others Some people have naturally later body clocks than other people, according to Dr Gehrman The most effective way to treat it is through cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia .

Jan , View comments A German man who went to sleep on a sun lounger next to his wife and woke up to discover her missing during a ferry journey has been told that her body was found in a The body of the woman is still held in Genoa as the public prosecutor has not given a green light yet to release it.

Apr , Click to rate kathryn, aberystwyth, years ago In a nutrition report I read that natural progesterone not lab produced reduces the risk of bone reduction not estrogen as we are made to believe High levels of estrogen are found in water supplies and wild birds eggs are more brittle apparently Many x rays

Jun , It s on the deck in the backyard, it s tall and green, and it looks like it wants to give a fruit or a vegetable Trust me I m a jerk myself sometimes I ve kind of shifted my desires for this little space, but I m not quite sure whether to migrate it to WordPress, let it go from .com to again, or what.