wooden veneer honeycomb composite panel

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Aug , The composite board with a honeycomb cardboard according to claim , wherein said top board or said bottom board are made of plywood or veneer is different from the traditional wooden panel fiberboard and the flakeboard, and is different from the blow moulding panel, this composite board is light,

The present invention provides a surface layer material for a melamine decorative laminate having an aluminum layer, allowing R or less bending while Urethane resins have high adhesion strength to aluminum layers, and urethane resins and acrylic resins can be present in the form of fine composite resins in fine

It is economically desirable to make wood panels or doors with a single ply of veneer as for example in hollow doors Attempts to make such doors have been made by facing the veneer with paper but the surface of the door with such a structure reveals cusps or dishing at breaks or splits in the veneer when the veneer

It is a more specific object of the invention to provide an improved hollow core viiush door or other panel structure comprising a frame, facing members secured With the arrangement of the blocks shown and with relatively thin wood veneer on the faces of the panels no buckling of the face plates in the unrestrained areas

Pieces of furniture in VIP aircraft usually comprise a structural layer made from a lightweight honeycomb construction and a precious wood veneer which is arranged over the The electronic switching element is arranged inside the structural layer , which in this embodiment is configured as a light honeycomb structure.

Dec , Flexible honeycomb panels are vented by providing vent openings at specific locations within the honeycomb core The invention is applicable to flexible honeycomb Vent openings are located in the upper node ridges to provide venting of the honeycomb structure Location of vent openings in the upper

Jan , A modular construction panel comprising a rectangular frame of channel construction wherein three first channel elements and have the hollow facing sheet, timber panelling, weather boards (both wood and vinyl), hardiplank, cement render, wafer brick or stone veneers, fibreglass sheet, corrugated iron,

Heretofore, it was known that strong joints between fibrous matter such as wood to wood, paper to paper, or paper to wood could be readily obtained with conventional thermosetting In this instance the resin content of the aluminum sub assemblies supplies all the bonding agent required for the laminate structure.