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May , Super affordable bathroom floor makeover solution how to chalk paint tile floors! First I painted the countertops a faux granite, stenciled the walls, added some molding to the mirror, added a new light and finished off the beadboard walls, added some mason jar bathroom Join us in our DIY adventures!

Sep , However, I know many of you might be thinking and planning, looking for some creative and cheap flooring ideas And, although I So, here are a few ideas for some cheap flooring ideas as well as diy area rug options Honestly Truly, I plan on putting this on a wall instead of the floor, soon I m a rebel

May , So I ll show you what we tried, why we finally gave up, and how we built a rustic, planked floor simply, inexpensively and fairly quickly that looks great with view) and taking advantage of a covered over doorway to create a fridge niche on the other side of the wall in the kitchen (more on that another time).

Nov , Like it or not, most of us do not live in picture perfect homes with gorgeous kitchens and baths, gleaming wood floors and vast windows that open to stellar views (Just hide the cord with a cord cover the same color as the wall.) And your landlord needn t fuss it can be easily removed when you move.

It is one of the easiest way to transform any space, but look past the walls and see how you can use it in other places Painting your Painted floors Check Have you thought about painting the counters You can resurface it fairly easily with this inexpensive counter painting kit if you don t have hundreds to replace them.

Dec , Since it s not in the budget at the moment we decided we needed to do something quick, inexpensive and easy to update the flooring Each plank costs and we needed about planks to cover our kitchen floor so the whole project ended up costing us about and a bit of Isaac s time and

Jul , You should have a seam from when they laid the carpet Hopefully, you can just pull it apart nice and easy If not, pull out the cutters and cut nice and straight! how to install cheap flooring diy lath floor tutorial Take up the stairs and the carpet pad Watch out for the spiky things along the wall edges.

Beautiful, inexpensive DIY wall decor ideas for decorating on a budget! Includes Make a collage of mirrors plus tons of other creative DIY feature wall ideas! Hang a If one is left with time to stare at the walls, you ve shared some creative affordable ideas for covering decorating some unintentional vertical blankness.

Jan , So, whenever I see a big flooring sale, I pay attention because off a big purchase like flooring can mean a BIG discount Visit your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore often I have seen large amounts of flooring come into ReStore before, and depending on the size of your rooms, you may be able to

Jun , Painting a floor is hands down the easiest thing on the planet I LOVE LOVE LOVE having a top coat on because it makes cleaning the floors easier On the cheap I have a large warehouse of concrete walls that have horrible orange paint on them And want to strip it back to concrete Cheers.