plastic and wood composite exterior wall panels in uk

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, Claims priority, application Great Britain, June , , , Claims (Cl ) This invention concerns the utilisation of wood waste and other fibrous materials, or mixtures thereof, in the manufacture of board, or shaped moulded articles, of a substantially rigid nature The general object of the invention

Heretofore, in the case of the gun stock, such articles have been manufactured usually from a high quality wood, the most popular being walnut Figure A is a sectional view of Figure taken substantially as indicated by line AA on Figure showing the external skin surrounding the plastic foam core material Figure

Feb , The present invention discloses composite material for thermal energy storage based upon polyhydric alcohols, such as pentaerythritol, trimethylol ethane selected from the group consisting of wood, wood products, gypsum, cement, concrete, clay, rock, glass, natural fiber, artificial fiber, metal fiber, plastic

An exterior Wall panel comprising layers of compositions of different character requires a careful balancing of these layers relative to the neutral axis of the Subsequently marginal part of greater strength than core and of preshaped material, such as wood, metal or molded plastic composition, may be bonded in the

Nov , The base member includes a base plate adapted to rest on a building wall and includes upstanding wall members The base member glazing said panels to said rafters and said upper eaves beam member to form a unitary roof structure Other exterior trim or a gutter system can be applied if desired.

, HOLLOW PLASTER BUILDING PANELS AND METHOD OF MAKING Percy Fred Bell, Walton on Thames, England, Therefore, an aim of the invention is to provide building panels, slabs or units, hereinafter referred to as units, in which metal and wood are rendered unnecessary, being in the main made of

Apr , The base strip has a support edge on the upper surface for receiving and supporting an elongated wooden panel form A plurality of brackets each have a bottom section for mating with the elongated groove of the base strip at spaced intervals along the base strip, and the brackets further including a