fireproof composite plastic panel

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Feb , A method of constructing a fire resistant frame assembly for surrounding an opening sized to receive a panel capable of impeding the spread of fire, the method that other materials such as, for example, soft woods and veneers may also be used, as well as non wood materials such as metal or plastic.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a structural panel having improved weathering, insulating and fire resistant characteristics, and which retains its strength under wet conditions Further objects USA Filon Plastics Corp Composite sheet fabricating apparatus and methods.

A fireproof panel for closing structural openings within building structures such as those between rooms, floors, ceilings, and the like through which to one or both surfaces of a panel already having embedded therein reinforcement material using, for example, but not limited thereto, conventional plastic laminating resins.

Mar , United States Patent O ,, METHOD OF FORMING FIREPROOF LAYERS OUTSIDE STEEL SKELETONS AND BEAMS Sei Nikai and Kiichi Ishii, Tokyo, and Shinsaku Miyake, Soka, US , Sep , , Apr , , Bear W, Composite soffit of plastic material and furring strips.

May , More particularly, a sandwich panel comprises an inner foam core, a fiberglass skin fully encapsulating and surrounding the core, and a gel coating from Cook Composites, Kansas City, Mo under the tradename WHITE CODE FR ,, which provides a smooth, white surface to the sandwich panel.

Feb , A simulated clay tile roof construction is provided which includes a plurality of roof panel members which are each formed to simulate the appearance of a to a wet underlayer of gelcoat (plastic) and fiberglass, and then adding gypsum to this added fiberglass, followed by rolling of the composite fiberglass

Oct , In conducting such tests, doors are mounted in an opening of a fireproof wall and then exposed on one side to a predetermined time temperature rise function US, Mar , , Sep , , Smartdoor Fiberglass Systems, Inc Process for manufacturing a glass reinforced plastic door panel.

Nov , In order to deal with this problem, this invention mixes graphite with sodium silicate to produce a fire resistant coating agent and coat or laminate it on the electrical wires placed on electrodes, and or (f) changing the base layer of heating devicesnon woven fabric, plastic panel, plywood, plaster board,

Feb , A fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composite member for increasing the compressive, flexural and shear strengths of concrete columns and supports comprised of US , May , , Dec , , University Of Utah Foundation, FRP composite wall panels and methods of manufacture.

Aug , board are made of melamine panel or fireproof shutter The composite board with a honeycomb cardboard according to claim , wherein said top board or said bottom board are made of plastic sheet processed by screw extruder, the thickness is between mm to mm The composite board with

Sep , These composite panels have application in a wide variety of areas due to significant mass savings and their high strength stiffness to weight ratio and thus their use in lightweight structures Thus they have application in the construction, aerospace and other fields It is a requirement that these panels be

Jul , The exterior panels are obtained from mixing cement, sawdust, rice hull, fly ash, fireproof low alkali mesh fabric, galvanized iron wire mesh, tiles such as concrete and clay roof tiles, stucco, cinder blocks, clay bricks, gypsum boards, rock wool, perlite board, sheet rock, plastic composites, paints, varnishes