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The injector is mechanically retained in the molded composite socket member by an annular cap that is threaded onto the end of the socket member containing In the absence of such maintenance, the resulting product may be prone to unacceptably high molded in stresses and to unacceptably large deformation due to

Dec , Limited is a Czech and Australian partnership with around scientists working on the development of commercial thorium fueled molten salt reactors For the past The physicists at D Wave are trying to come up with more experiments to verify the quantum nature of the chip at larger and larger scales.

Feb , Atmospheric radon (Rn) and carbon dioxide (CO) concentrations were used to gain insight into fugitive emissions in an Australian coal seam gas on investment, energy payback time, and greenhouse gas emissions of coal seam gas (CSG) production in China a case of the Fanzhuang CSG project.

In the automotive world, the trickledown from motorsportswhere CF composites arrived years agoto McLarens, Corvettes, Vipers, and affordable cars has been agonizingly slow Plasan s new facility in Walker, Michigan, can produce CF components as large as feet by feet for up to , cars per year.

Jun , Aeon Hanging Garden by Satelight made and finished locally in Australia Monarch Pendant Light by Satelight clad in plantation oak veneer composite The sleek, slim line design of the Hadron range makes it a cost effective solution for large projects as it can be packaged efficiently and used as a

Jul , On June , , the talented photographer Stan Honda waited on a hill in New Jersey s Eagle Rock Reservation for the sun to set in order to capture an absolutely gorgeous photo of the highly anticipated St berry Moon of June as it rose over the skyline of lower Manhattan, where the shiny buildings

Apr , By and large the white elite of the island fled Castro s revolution to a far greater extent than the black lower classes where the bS gene is prevalent due to the long time presence of one of the founder genes (eg, Africa, India and the Mediterranean basin) or due to later population migration (box ).

Aug , This was a bold and ambitious project with a crushing timeframe for development that made extensive use of FEA and CFD simulation driven buoyancy foam used as the primary material of construction, development of the submarine s composite material skin, and in water flight performance predictions.

Dec , The M Gran Coupe is made instantly unique among four door vehicles by its bonded in carbon fiber composite roof panel, similar to the one found on the M BMW s efficient High Precision direct fuel injection also plays a major role in this engine s combination of high performance and fuel efficiency.

May , For the treatment of Neisseria gonorrhoeae, a sexually transmitted bacterium, drug resistance is a particularly big problem there is only a single antibiotic left that is We used data from the GRASP [, ] and the Gonococcal Isolate Surveillance Project (GISP) [] Composite model parameters.

InForMAtIon With its large internal land mass and geographic distance from its trade partners, Australia has been actively involved in aviation since the early days of the industry The black box flight recorder is just one of the innovations australia has contributed along the way Today, the australian aerospace industry.

Sep , It turned out to be an incredibly labor intensive project both for OSRL and our contractors, and the CAA told us only Boeing or Airbus would normally undertake a project of this size. Both the FAA and EASA have since adopted the same certification standards for future large dispersant aircraft Earlier this

May , It s meant to be a fusion of all the high tech stuff from NASA, the Air Force and private sector aerospace, like lightweight cryogenic propellant tanks and super strong and durable composite wings that can handle re entry temperatures It should be able to go at speeds up to Mach , and deliver payloads

Dec , (Some proposals for SSP involve large arrays of mirrors or lenses to concentrate the light onto a smaller array of panels.) The logical place to put SSP was one of the original projects in Japan s New Sunshine Plan for renewable energy development after the first oil shock of the s India is interested

Aug , Instead, the government wants investors to pour money into projects associated with its One Belt, One Road project to link China with the West via land It called investments in property, hotels, In Australia, the residential sector is most exposed, Morgan Stanley says China is of commercial real

Apr , Now that the HTC has been revealed in all its glory and we aren t likely to hear of any other new major phone releases until the end of the summer, it s time to announce my picks for LG continued to chase Samsung in the Android space so in they went outside the box with a focus on modularity.

Fast, Simple, Typed ORM for .NET Contribute to ServiceStack.OrmLite development by creating an account on GitHub.

Oct , If you want to get fancy, you might also find a box to hold it and attach all sorts of sensors, displays, and almost anything you can think of The Raspberry Pi makers say they picked the Micro USB jack for its ubiquity, saying it was chosen by the major mobile operator trade group, GSMA, as the Universal

Oct , The volume of this space was divided by a large fire place and level changes This achieved a connection with others in the space but enabled the different activities to seem slightly separate which has proved very beneficial when the house is at capacity The north facing terrace with its built in fire box is

Oct , It s very similar to the controversy over his current project, he said I was basically trying to warn people People didn t take it seriously. A major difference, though, is that Dr Kosinski did not attempt to explain why liking curly fries indicated intelligence It was simply a pattern identified by a machine.

Aug , LEGO set database Another teaser for something BIG! This alongside year anniversary of Star Wars, years since and the photoshopped box teaser from last week showing the hunk of junk! Now come on, it can t be Gravatar By AddictedToStyrene in Australia, Aug .

Nov , Continuing on (or rather stopping) in fine carbon style, we the Magura MT brakes from last year s Project bike Still going strong, the Maguras composite master cylinder is also available on the wheel MT and downright sensible wheel MT Pedals are Crank latest Candy s,

Mar , For example, it can be taxing to build an appropriate box for a mold and then properly attach and orient the original model inside of it taking the slightly longer route, resin casting gives you the ability to quickly crank out parts with almost any mechanical properties, from true rubbers to exotic composites.

May , Want to add cable satellite to a second room without a second box So does CNET reader Will Geoff Morrison helps him out.