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JEROME FRI EDMAN K ATTORNEYS United States Patent O ,, SWIMMING POOL AND UNDERWATER LIGHTING SYSTEM Jerome Friedman, Bound itself creates a reasonably serious problem forthe package pool (steel, aluminum, and wood vinyl lined pools, as well as fiber glass pools) manufacturer and

Jul , Seriously folks do NOT swim in your pool when it s raining It s not safe! Obviously, the best way to prevent rainwater problems in the first place is to stay informed about the weather and to cover your pool in advance of rain The problem with many summer vinyl pool covers is that the lightweight plastic is

Polyvinyl chloride compositions as well as flexible sheets and swimming pool liners of such compositions which contain significant quantities of an ultra high molecular weight polyvinyl chloride resin together with a heat stabilizer, plasticizer and optional additives are disclosed In preferred compositions the PVC resin is a

Dec , In an in ground swimming pool construction including a plastic swimming pool shell structure which is suspended from above in an earth excavation during construction and which rests on backfill in the final swimming pool construction, the shell having substantially rigid, preformed, plastic sides received in

Disclaimer While we aim to provide accurate product information, it is provided by manufacturers, suppliers and others, and has not been verified by us See our disclaimer Who s up for a night swim Jump right in, even after all the other lights go out, with the Intex LED Pool Light Pool time doesn t have to be over just

(Cl ) This invention relates to swimming pool construction and particularly to improvements in sidewall panel and positioning truss structures for Other advantages are to be found in the improved structure of the wall panels wherein the laminated panels, whether of metal or plastic, are provided with vertical

Jun , A large capacity reinforced swimming pool for use in an above the ground environment includes a flexible plastic liner for containing water single ply, of polyvinylchloride (PVC), then the PVC sheet could be calendered thicker (where calendering is the manufacturing process of producing flexible PVC

Mar , The skimmer guard preferably is injection molded as one piece from a plastic material that is compatible with a swimming pool environment, e.g able to withstand the effects of swimming pool chemicals, sunlight, etc Such materials are commercially available and are commonly used to make strainers and

This invention relates to swimming pools, and particularly to a swimming pool construction of a portable nature, since it is easily assembled and dismantled for removal from one Although all sections could be made of wood, plastic, and steel, sheet aluminum is preferred, because of its lightness and ease of fabrication.

In accordance with the present invention, the improved cover arrangement is in the form of a pneumatic mattress, of substantially the same area as the surface of the water in the pool, and adapted to float thereon The mattress comprises, essentially, a sheet of plastic material, particularly adapted to resist deterioration

Buy Intex x Ultra Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool at Disclaimer While we aim to provide accurate product information, it is provided by manufacturers, suppliers and others, and has not been verified by us See our disclaimer Let your kids and their friends take a dip in their new Intex Above

Apr , Ask the Pool Guy provides resources and answers to swimming pool related questions they are more versatile If you want a less expensive version, the covers pull out by hand and are locked around the edge of the pool with tiny plastic anchors To roll the cover back up, you have to use a hand crank.

Apr , This invention relates to swimming pool constructions and to the method of making the same More particularly the invention relates to the structure of and a method of manufacturing in ground swimming pool bottoms from polyurethane foam, which is sprayed upon the surfaces of an excavation.

Jul , Oxybenzone ( hydroxy methoxyphenone, benzophenone ) is one of the UV filters commonly found in sunscreens Its presence in swimming pools and its reactivity with chlorine has already been demonstrated but never in seawater swimming pools In these pools, chlorine added for disinfection results

A vinyl, or other plastic, enclosure for swimming pools (both in ground and above ground), storage tanks, or other liquid carrying containers which can be inflated by blower means, to a domed position When inflated, a simplified non zipper entry into the enclosed space is provided The enclosure can also be used as a

Mar , In a wet underwater lighting niche for housing an electric powered lighting fixture with a cup like metal shell in a wall of a swimming pool, spa or the like, the improvement wherein said niche is made from an electric insulating material and wherein said niche includes a plurality of alternative conductive

May , The pool also comes equipped with an interior partition made of sturdy, heat resistant plastic that is used to separate the pool from the jacuzzi Modpool cargo container converted into pool During the winter months, you may only want to use the hot tub portion, the company said To reduce energy

No IOU s this year Our Pool Company Red Oak Pools will be cleaning the pool this year The Splash The newsletter for the Cedar Creek Pool It is e mailed to members each month with the latest pool information Your Pool Remember, this is YOUR pool Please recycle cans, plastic and paper Place trash in the trash cans.

Dec , A device for marking swimming pool floating lane dividers includes a thin, flat rectangular sheet of brightly colored polyethylene with a top edge, a bottom object of the present invention to provide a device for marking swimming pool lane dividers which is simple to manufacture and relatively inexpensive.

Apr , wherein each of the horizontal channels , and is shown occupied In FIG , channel is shown as containing the bead of a flexible vinyl plastic liner which normally comprises a preshaped one piece enclosure tailored to the particular swimming pool and which drapes the swimming pool

Feb , Proper pool and spa maintenance is an exact process that requires attention to detail on a regular basis Here are some Android users can use this app to calculate the chemical needs of their swimming pools She writes for Royal Swimming Pools, a leading manufacturer of swimming pool equipment.

Oct , A replacement re cover drain top for a deteriorated top of an existing drain situated in the deck area about a swimming pool Over a period of years, the U.V adversely affects the exposed plastic gradually causing the exposed surface to deteriorate to the point where repair eventually becomes necessary.

A final object to be specifically enumerated herein is to provide an adjustable false bottom for swimming pools which will conform to conventional forms of manufacture, be of simple construction and easy to operate so as to provide a device which will be economically feasible, long lasting and not complicated to use.