are ovaries solid organs or hollow

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Jan , is a frontal view that depicts a reservoir that can be a compressive device and can contain a solid, liquid or gel or gas or a combination of these Other embodiments can include internal body use and can include fix and attach a covering material onto a body organ to include a kidney ovary, uterus,

Feb , The third level includes hollow sac like organs, like the bladder or stomach Unlike the tubes, which just act as pipes for fluid, these It is the fourth level that presents the greatest challenge the solid organs like the kidneys, heart, lungs and liver They are thicker than most of the others, and each has a

May , Also, such tissue may include an infected or cancerous mass or organ, as well as blood, bile and other liquids, all referred to herein as tissue, which The introducer in one aspect has a tubular configuration with a hollow lumen and a handle assembly extending from a proximal end of the introducer.

Aug , Disclosed is a four jawed combinational scissor grasper surgical tool for use in laparoscopy Cutting and grasping functionalities are respectively enabled via movement of a pair of such specially contoured jaw members sliding against or splaying apart from the other pair Also disclosed are means for

Jul , Hollow bars designate normal littermates and solid bars are CPK Panels (a) and (b) show H dThd incorporation in suspension cultures in (a) serum free and (b) serum supplemented media Panels (c) and (d) show H dThd incorporation in monolayer cultures in serum free and supplemented media,

Sep , For example, hollow organs and body cavities may be subjected to the inventive methods, e.g the interior wall of the bladder, stomach, lung, gastrointestinal tract, bladder, pancreas, gall bladder, sinus, liver, kidney, heart, cervix, ovary, prostate, stomach, trachea, skin or colon may be explored, as well as

Oct , e) implanting the artificial female reproductive organ or tissue structure into said subject that has a congenital or acquired malformation of the uterus or cervix, thereby reconstructing, repairing, This hollow, pear shaped organ is situated in the pelvic cavity interposed between the bladder and the rectum.

Jun , Nanoparticles can be solid, hollow or partially hollow and can be spherical or asymmetrical in shape Optionally, the cross This use can include the in vivo or in vitro imaging, detection, or diagnosis of pre cancerous, cancerous, neoplastic or hyperproliferative cells in a tissue or organ The compositions

The device includes an elastic body housing a solid drug formulation, wherein the device is deformable between a deployment shape for passage of the device ureter, kidneys, penis, testes, prostate, seminal vesicles, ejaculatory ducts, vas deferens, vagina, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, or a combination thereof.

Jun , Tetraploid watermelon inbreds are disclosed The invention relates to the seeds and plants of the tetraploid watermelon inbreds, the methods of propagating the tetraploid inbreds through seeds and tissue culture The invention also relates to methods of producing the triploid seedless watermelon seeds

Oct , I first discovered René Belletto s novels when some years ago I fell upon a review in the Times Literary Supplement of his book Le Revenant, which seemed to be a combination of literary fiction and what the French call the roman noir, a kind of thriller sometimes involving cops, villains, and those dubious

The invention encompasses therapeutic compositions including Globo H KLH conjugates and or therapeutic antibodies as well as methods of making and using the same to treat proliferative diseases such as cancer The therapeutic conjugates include an antigen linked to a carrier In particular the therapeutic conjugates

A composition comprising microcapsules, the microcapsules containing both live mammalian ovarian granulosa cells and live mammalian ovarian theca cells, ,, to Soon Shiong et al discloses a microcapsule having a solid (non chelated) alginate gel core of a defined ratio of calcium barium alginates, with

is a scheme showing the regulation mechanism of c myc by p JTV (solid line promotion, dotted line suppression) gastrointestinal tract, genitourinary organs, lungs and bronchus system, the pharmaceutical composition of the invention may be injected directly into the hollow organ affected by the cancer or tumor

Apr , The simulator is provided with open sides to gain access into the cavity for placement of objects simulating human organs which are then mounted and of Endoscopic Surgery took placed in Europe and pioneered by Gynecologists where they performed tubal ligations, removal of ovarian tumors or cysts,

Endoscopic devices and methods for imaging and treating organs and tissues are described The endoscopic devices described herein include flexible endoscopes, rigid endoscopes, and capsule endoscopes The endoscopic device may comprise one or more cameras and one or more light sources In some

Dec , However, GPC expression is highly heterogeneous in HCC and other cancers (e.g ovarian clear cell carcinoma and melanoma) (Suzuki et al Cancer originates in squamous cells, thin, flat cells that form the surface of the skin, eyes, various internal organs, and the lining of hollow organs and ducts of

May , Particles that display selective affinity properties for different surfaces is important to targeted delivery of microparticles to different cell, tissue, or organ use high intensity ultrasound and simple protein solutions may be used to make both air filled microparticles and liquid and solid filled microcapsules [].

Jun , Attempts to remove larger solid organs such as kidneys, spleen, liver and uterus, have been frustrated by the lack of a rapid tissue morsellator apparatus, suitable entrapment envelope and methods for manipulating the envelope for receiving and retaining the vigorous morsellation breakup and evacuation

Sep , Disclosed are methods of treating subjects having conditions related to angiogenesis including administering an effective amount of a polymeric Nanoparticle form of thyroid hormone agonist, partial agonist or an antagonist thereof, to promote or inhibit angiogenesis in the subject Compositions of the

Examples of mammalian cells include CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary) cells, hybridomas, BHK (Baby Hamster Kidney) cells, myeloma cells, human cells, for example HEK cells, human lymphoblastoid cells, Preferably, in the process of the invention, the filter used is a membrane filter, preferably a hollow fiber filter.

Dec , The method according to claim , wherein when the harvest permeate is collected, the filter is a hollow fiber filter having a pore size or molecular weight cut off that does not retain the recombinant protein in the bioreactor In one embodiment the mammalian cells are Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cells.

Oct , Described herein is the identification of human monoclonal antibodies that bind GPC or heparan sulfate (HS) chains on GPC with high affinity The antibodies described herein are capable of inhibiting HCC cell growth and migration Provided are human monoclonal antibodies specific for GPC or HS

shows (A) a scheme of FUS experiments (B) kinetics of FUS induced temperature rise for the PFCE droplet injected mice solid lineempty droplets dashed shows laser confocal images of substrate attached A ovarian cancer cells treated with CW or pulsed MHz or MHz ultrasound delivered through the

Oct , The target cells may be in an organ or a tumor or a portion of a tumor, or may be circulating or isolated cells, such as blood cells Some targeted Antibodies are known to target these (anti VEGR [anti vascular endothelial growth factor receptor] for targeting endothelial cells in solid tumors These are but a

Example of antibodies in clinical trials and or approved for treatment of solid tumors include Trastuzumab (antigen kD, HER neu) trials for the treatment of several cancers, are present at some detectable level on a large number of normal human adult tissues including skin, colon, lung, ovary, liver, and pancreas.

A radioactive member for use in brachytherapy comprising a hollow elongate bioabsorbable suture member with radioactive seeds and spacer members without Brachytherapy has been proposed for use in the treatment of a variety of conditions, including arthritis and cancer, for example breast, brain, liver and ovarian