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Mar , With concrete walls and living roofs, this stunning home by A Cero combines modern aesthetics with eco friendly touches The result is a seamless blending for the building s construction To make the home even more eco friendly, the house also has its own solar panels and a rainwater recycling system.

Aug , If you typically purchase both items in half gallon quantities, you will most likely end up placing gable top, polyethylene coated paper cartons in your into eco friendly, water resistant building panels that can be used for everything from floor, countertop and tile substrate to wall boards, roof sheathing and

Jul , Thin, cheap, and sustainable, plywood is the design material of choice from architects to furniture makers When one thinks of elevated design, Kerf Design has created the amazing Kerf Wall, which is a simple system of cabinets and shelves that hang on slotted panels The beauty of the Kerf Wall is that it

Jul , Recycled glass windows, plexiglass panels and even waste glass are transformed into light filled homes Kolonihavehus by artist Tom in a pre determined design There are lots of DIY used shipping container house plans for those interested in giving this cheap, eco friendly building material a shot.

Apr , You ll find eco friendly solar chargers, sustainable material cases, and more It s not easy to identify the best buys, but when it comes to accessories you can definitely reduce your carbon footprint, save power, and tap into some clean energy sources Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger .

A roundup of five eco friendly appliances for the bedroom, from passive speakers to convection heaters The eHeater uses efficient convection technology that doesn t dry the air and another great thing about it is that it s a wall panel that can be painted and made to blend into your walls It s rated to heat rooms of up to

Disguise a wall mural or ugly paint with these simple, budget friendly tricks Introducing Reader Questions Renter Friendly Temporary Wall Covering Solutions I get emails pretty regularly Charles could buy a couple giant canvases and paint them, then hang them over Spiderman s giant red face This does NOT

Sep , Here are the best environmentally friendly surrounds for your bathtub and shower.

Sep , It is very trendy, but why else should we use sustainable building materials in our homes bamboo and cork flooring, solar panels, natural fiber wool carpeting, concrete flooring walls, reclaimed wood, and metal roofing siding, to name just a few Reduce your carbon footprint by buying sustainably!

Apr , These wall covering panels by WallArt are made out of bagasse, the fibrous residue of sugarcane, making them recycled, compostable, and completely biodegradable Every year more than billion metric tons of sugarcane are collected for sugar With up to harvests per year, it is one of the

Mar , They need to feel that their home is actually their castle and not so willingly buy synthetic and potentially harmful products despite their beautiful look That s why it s especially valuable that WallArt panels are made from environmentally friendly and biodegradable and compostable material bagasse

Polls have shown that people would prefer to buy a house that was eco friendly, and there is greater interest at the high end of the market Walls and what lies within Walls should be insulated and windows energy efficient A seller might boast that their house is Solar panels will save money A radiant floor heating system

A roofing expert and sustainability enthusiast presents six eco friendly, energy saving ways you can keep your home cool in hot summer weather which means less electricity use Earth tubes and solar chimneys are two other installable systems that can help you cool your home naturally and save on your electricity bills.

Apr , Grass on the roof, solar panel walls and a garden INSIDE Spectacular eco mansion goes on sale for £, but you have to build it yourself Hedge House would be length of six double decker buses, with grass roof, internal gardens, and solar panel walls Julian and Debra Whitehead said design

Nov , The industry is realizing that cork is a very resistant waterproof material and of course eco friendly since its extraction doesn t harm trees On the other hand because cork is sustainable, the more people buy it, the more the cork industry needs to plant more cork oak trees, and that creates a cycle that is

Nov , Eco Friendly Hotel Designed for Trekking Lover Recycled material, photovoltaic panels in the roofs, water recycling systems for the irrigation, emphasize the ecological side of the project, the blocks of the walls are made with the rocks of the terrain The gate are made with recycled metal from the

Nov , The sound proofed entertainment room is equipped with dark wooden wall paneling, inspired by an English pub, and features a wine bar and flat screen TV tel aviv, israel, israelevitz architects, eco friendly tel aviv home, solar power This small home is impressive from the backyard as well, where the entire

Dec , Here is an excerpt from the press release they sent us Dimensional Bamboo Wall panels are a unique wall covering Modular, easy to apply and paintable The exciting effects of light and shadows transforms the walls into spatial eye catchers The panels are made of environmentally friendly bamboo pulp

May , KontenerART houses Poznan s art community in a temporary shipping container village, complete with green wall, solar panels, and a mini beach.

Jun , Many supporters of the president think it is a great idea that will neutralize opposition to the wall, with comments like The greenies can t argue with a massive solar farm can they and Gosh I love how green our POTUS is!!! Build that Wall!!!and Al Gore supporting the wall in Republicans in

Jul , For people interested in getting an eco friendly home relatively quick, going prefab can be an easier route with less headaches With the aim of creating GreenPod s Waterhaus is made out of structural insulated panels (SIPs), which are pre cut and set up on site within a couple of days Though SIPs are