wood plastic composite floor export

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Jul , A natural fiber polymer composite product that includes a core (preferably with a textured surface) and a film or pigment surface layer applied to that textured core Wood products used in demanding environments, such as all weather floorings, are subjected to a number of conditions, including detrimental

May , The concrete armored joint form according to claim , is comprised of two pieces, including a plastic composite base attached to a plastic upright form Due to the required labor and material required to form and place an armored joint with wooden forms in a concrete floor this invention eliminates these

Apr , An improved acoustical floor ceiling, or wall assembly affixed to a support structure, the assembly using laminar panels A first one of the laminar Cellulose, wood, gypsum, plastic, ceramic, composite or other constraining materials may also be used in place of vinyl or metal The alternative material can

May , A method is disclosed for producing a wood thermoplastic composite material using a high bulk density feedstock The feedstock is formed by Also valuable, ever shrinking landfill space may be conserved if both spent sawdust and plastic material are reused rather than disposed The manufacturer of

Jul , WPC composites having low levels ( ) of chemically modified cellulosic fiber have also been described (US ,, and US ,,) level of maleic anhydride creates process problems, such as cross linking, discoloration, higher viscosity, and lower output in the manufacture of the WPC.