waterproof tongue and groove deck systems

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It is also an object of this invention to provide a substantially continuous waterproof membrame interposed between the two Surfaces of the slab unit That such a Thus it may Ibe desirable t o have tongue and groove edge joints between adjacent slab units, one type thereof being shown in unit of Fig , or that same be

May , System assembly and structure consisting of the inclusion of pieces of laminated cardboard in slots die cut on corrugated panels to obtain They obtain a considerable structural strength due to folds, tabs, tongue and slots that accommodate them to form interlocking locks that prevent folding or

Aug , for example, the decking system Harris FloteBote starts with full length riser brackets versus the segmented ones usually used on these boats Next, tongue and groove, ? inch plywood is mounted on cross supports spaced at every inches Harris FloteBote even uses a four step process to waterproof

A core hole plug assembly for covering and sealing a hole in a paved surface, wall or other structure The core hole plug assembly includes a cover plate, a resilient expansible cylindrical plug, a compression plate, and a bolt and nut assembly for moving the compression plate relative to the cover plate to expand or reduce

Plastic boat hulls are connected to their decks through nested inter fitting tongue and groove joint configurations which are bonded together by fusing, adhesives, or the SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention now provides waterproof reinforcing tongue and groove joint seams between the deck and hull

Aug , The support pile repair jacket form of claim , wherein at least two of said jackets forms are combined into one unit by a bell an spigot system including a seal Once in place, the jackets at their longitudinal open edges have a tongue and groove arrangement to close and seal the longitudinal edges.

Jun , The panels of the tonneau cover have frame members along their side edges which include a downwardly projecting tongue which is insertable into The upper end of leg has a groove for mounting an O ring which bears against the lower surface of the top wall of the cargo box side wall .

Apr , A thermally efficient, protected membrane roofing system as defined in claims l and wherein said waterproof tape comprises detailed view of a pair of insulation, water impermeable roofing panels positioned upon a roofing deck and including a tongue and groove joint between juxtaposed panels.

, the extended portion of waterproof piece on each sheet is bent partially around tongue of such sheet and is preferably interconnected therewith by any suitable mastic or adhesive material Each tongue and portion lare then thrust within and received by groove of an overlying sheet and are

In other embodiments, the peripheral faces of each substrate may be mitered or otherwise shaped (e.g tongue and groove) to allow joining of adjacent panels when in use [] In some embodiments, each panel further comprises a layer of primer added to at least one of the face and the back of the

The finished product will be feet long, feet wide, feet from waterline to the top of the upper deck s railing, and projected draft will be about inches just Preparations for the raft up included nailing cypress tongue and groove paneling to the interior studs, building walls around the head and installing a door,

Porch or deck waterproofing has never been easier than by using an under deck drainage system Mary and I like the DEK Drain, an innovative deck waterproofing system, because it installs easily with the proper pitch,no caulking seams, and you get to install a ceiling beneath if tongue and groove ceiling under deck

Horiso s Timber Louvre System is manufactured from sustainably harvested and technically modified timber that provides remarkable longevity and strength Available in flush, tongue and groove, and weatherboard profiles Systems are suitable for installation on angular and shaped glazing areas Range of finishes and

Nov , This mid century modern home in Savannah, Georgia originally developed by John Ahern in was recently listed as a Best Green House in Green Source Magazine The home went through a full restoration and renovation directed by owners Cornelia Stumpf and Celestino Piralla of CSCP