wooden panels on wall in kerala

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Sep , Doors and other wooden panels of Kings Lodge Bandhavgarh have the animals of jungle engraved on them You can almost go around the place guessing what is what and did you meet these creatures on your jungle safari or not If this was not enough, you see wooden masks on the walls something

Apr , Kerala has a lot of famous people in its clientele, including Nalli Kuppusamy and actor Sivakumar The teak panels on its walls and doors have been polished smooth by years of usage and stories of nationalism, government affairs and issues that rocked the nation This is what a salon kadai is all about,

Dec , Less than kms from Yogyakarta is the largest Buddhist temple built in the th century with Buddha sculptures and over relief panels called Candi Borobodur I stood there mesmerised as the sun s setting rays glance upon the sculptures which are carved in every wall, pillar and relief panel.

Jan , Once upon a time, stately bungalows built in the vernacular architectural style of Kerala was a common sight on the tree lined avenue connecting Vazhuthacaud and One of the last of those houses that still exists is a solid two storeyed home with thick walls, high ceilings and wooden roofs Hidden away

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Jun , This is what makes picture language so effective, ever since the first cave people scribbled on the walls Another example of intersecting mediums is by Nikhila Nanduri, who looks at Likhai, the art of making intricate wood carvings, through an extended conversation with Gangaramji, a master carver.

Only the newly appearing stone walls, which were replacing the earlier mud brick and wood walls, were strong enough to support the weight of a tiled roof Production of Till the year , tile industry was concentrated in a few areas in Karnataka State and Calicut, Alwaye, Trichur and Quilon in Kerala State Gradually

Dec , The date of what was possibly the house warming is etched prominently in wood on the mukhappus, in both Georgian (May , ) and Malayalam calendar ( ) formats One of the first things you notice about the building is it s numerous windows It s as if it s a house of windows rather than walls