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Jan , The superhydrophobic composition of claim wherein the water dispersible hydrophobic polymer comprises a comonomer selected from acrylic monomers and acrylic precursors and the like There are no nano structured particles in this formulation, wherein the coating mass per unit area is g m.

Sep , The system of Claim wherein polyvalent metal cation concentration is at least mmol m and is less than mmol m A cationic surface modifier providing a positive charge is desired since it renders the particles dispersible and chemically compatible with other components of adjacent ink

Sep , which may be used in paper making to reduce materials cost per unit mass of the paper, increase opacity, increase smoothness, etc These mineral products Printable web surface loading may be defined in terms of grams of composition per square meter of paper web (hereinafter referred to as gsm).

Nov , The present invention relates to a process for repairing top layers for roads, tracks, and other areas used by traffic, by applying an amount of at least g m (grams per square meter) of a polymeric material to the damaged site, applying an amount of at least g m of a first polyurethane reaction mixture

These films significantly reduce the amount of petroleum based polymer in the film, while providing cost savings, processing ease and properties desired by consumers Polymer films Basis weight is commonly stated in units of grams per square meter (gsm) or ounces per square yard (osy) [] Coextrusion refers to

Nov , The formulations achieve reduction in release coating cost by replacing silicone base polymer in a release coating system without detrimental effects on In one embodiment, the coat weight of the pressure sensitive adhesive may be in the range of about to about grams per square meter (gsm), and

Jun , A cement concrete layer in proportional is generally provided at the plinth level to work as a damp proofing course In general practice one cm diameter pipe is considered suitable for every sq.m of the roof area to be drained In case, where Replastering concentrated additive for renders.

Oct , The packaging material according to claim having a total weight of about to about grams per square meter The fused and dried sheet is then subjected to treatment with an aqueous binder composition preferably comprising a styrenated acrylic having a glass transition temperature between

Apr , Metal powders and flakes greatly increase the specific gravity of polymeric compositions, making them less cost effective, while the use of carbon black Preferred conductive carbon blacks may also have surface areas greater than about square meter per gram (m g), preferably greater than about

The filmy material generally has an average thickness smaller than microns and the strand has a surface area greater than square meters per gram Nonwoven sheets are generally less costly than woven sheets of the same fibrous material insofar as the weaving operation has been obviated To achieve adequate

Any desired method may be used to render absorptive the photosensitive layer containing photosensitive silver halide grains according to the invention The organic silver salt is used in any desired amount, preferably about to g per square meter of photosensitive material, more preferably about to g m .

While rates and conversions generally also increase with increasing pressure, the energy costs for compression of hydrogen, as well as the increased cost of The catalyst composition thus obtained contained weight percent copper, had a BET surface area of square meters per g (m g) and had the formula Cu

Mar , The fine fiber of claim wherein the polymer comprises a poly(meth)acrylic acid homopolymer or copolymer The fine fiber of claim wherein the The electrostatic charge on the filaments can be at least , electrostatic units per square meter (esu m) [] Fine fibers of the disclosure can be

For a truly practical operation the current used is advantageously not over about amperes per square meter of anode surface immersed in the painting bath, ion present capable of being thought of as [R(COO)J] having n negative charges (where R represents the resin nucleus and COO represents a carboxyl radical).

Finally, the asbestos diaphragm has a relatively high k factor of about volt square meter per kiloampere (Vm kA) such that, for example, at kA m , the diaphragm typically requires volts or more for operation, resulting in substantial power costs For these reasons, the industry has sought more inert, more

Nov , The tubular article of claim , wherein the compositional mixture further comprises an acrylic co agent The tubular article of claim , The tension modulus ( , , and )) and tensile strength at break have metric units of megaNewton per square meter (MN m ) (i.e x Newtons

Mar , Keim Mineral Paints Here is a bit of background and then an interview to get down to the nitty gritty of what mineral paint is, cost, durability etc Keim is as protective as acrylic but as permeable as lime What is the Keim Over new render, what is the material cost per m of Keim paint v a good pliolite

The charge includes layers of positive or negative charges trapped at or near the surface of the polymer, or charge clouds stored in the bulk of the polymer For instance, prior to stretching, the film typically has a basis weight of about grams per square meter or less, and in some embodiments, from about to about

Oct , Most of the US landmass has solar potential varying between kWh m per day If one could only convert Even though these lenses are light and inexpensive, external moving parts are needed to orient them to track the sun which raises the cost of the end product significantly The trackers are also

Dec , about . to about by weight of polyacrylic acid and polyvinyl acetate polymer and the water repellant comprises about . to about (B) applying the composition to soil or road base materials, wherein the composition is applied at about L m to about L m and, (C) allowing the

May , The Graphene Company says a litre of paint would cover two eight metre square coats that has ended up producing is a product that has all the benefits of lime, which as you know is very breathable, antibacterial and absorbs smells and carbon dioxide, and class one strength, like an acrylic product .

Oct , I m a tool person No matter how hard I try, I eventually end up with a bunch of tools that I just can t bear to banish from my workshop Why I m gonna keep it it s the same emotion behind hoarding fearing that you might need a thing later and not be able to have it The stuff costs money, and if you

Other suitable polymers include hydrolyzed acrylonitrile grafted starch, acrylic acid grafted starch, and isobutylene maleic anhydride copolymers and mixtures One suitable material is referred to as a surge layer (not shown) and can be, for example, a material having a basis weight of about grams per square meter,

Aug , For cost and other reasons it is usually desired to use the minimum amount of treatment composition that will produce the desired effect with an The basis weight of nonwoven fabrics is usually expressed in ounces of material per square yard (osy) or grams per square meter (gsm) and the fiber diameters

Jul , The method of claim , further comprising partially stretching said non elastic film layer prior to formation of the laminate to render said film layer The basis weight of nonwoven fabrics is usually expressed in ounces of material per square yard (osy) or grams per square meter (gsm) and the fiber

Coated papers refer to paper products to which at least grams per square meter (gsm) of coating color solids have been applied to at least one surface of the paper may be chemically treated to render it cationic (i.e a cationic starch) or amphoteric (i.e an amphoteric starch), i.e with both cationic and anionic charges.

Jul , Thus, the heat duty of the deisobutanizer is a significant component of the operating costs of a butane isomerization process, and the heat duty becomes The C Permeate Flow Index reflects the permeation rate per square meter of retentate side surface area but is not normalized to membrane thickness.

Nov , The thermoplastic film according to claim , wherein said compatibilizer is one of the following a maleic anhydride, acrylic acid, glycidyl acrylate, any natural or biomaterial based polymer component needed for the intended application and their costs are also too high for such intended applications.

Jun , Due to their structure, these apertured films have relatively slow intake rates and high rewet and staining compared to other apertured films The basis weight of nonwoven fabrics is usually expressed in ounces of material per square yard (osy) or grams per square meter (gsm) and the fiber diameters

Aug , Disadvantageously, the various elements and materials of the construction project, for example, windows, doors, skylights, acrylic glass blocks and the like, are priced out in estimating the cost of the job in a completely separate process, and usually only by one manufacturer This separate process very

Sep , The film of claim , wherein said primer coating composition is present at a weight of from about × to about × grams per square meter of film has been in line primer coated with a hydrolyzed aminofunctional silane to render the film receptive to direct extrusion coating with other polymers.

Sep , White light is critical in such uses because of its unique ability to properly render colored objects or printed images relative to one another and its similarly unique Scotopic conditions exist when observed surfaces have surface luminance s of less than a few hundredths of a candela per square meter.

which may be used in paper making to reduce materials cost per unit mass of the paper, increase opacity, increase smoothness, etc These mineral products may be Paper substrate surface coverage may be defined in terms of grams of composition per square meter of paper substrate (hereinafter referred to as gsm).

Jun , The foam possesses a number of qualities, such as softness and strength, which render the foam particularly suitable for use in a variety of personal care products, medical products, and the like The foam of claim , wherein the foam has a basis weight of about grams per square meter or less .