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Mar , Bereco Limited, a member of the Wood Window Alliance, supplied the windows and doors, including gorgeous French doors and bi folding doors The outside of the It s easy to find an accredited supplier or installer of quality wooden windows by visiting This post is in

Aug , Polyvinyl chloride is a common type of plastic, identified by a and the letters PVC. It can be found in many products like shower curtain liners, plumbing, and plastic school supplies like pencil cases Vinyl chloride, used to make PVC, is listed as a known carcinogen by the World Health Organization and

Jun , To do this safely you can use HomeStrip by Eco Solutions This is an eco friendly paint stripper that also contains any lead particles within it, preventing them from escaping into the air This can also be used even if your doors don t contain any lead If no traces of lead are found then you may decide that

Oct , Duct cleaning services Duct cleaning generally refers to the process of cleaning the various heating and cooling system components of the forced air systems, that comprise of supply, intake, and return ducts The service also factors in other components such as grilles, diffusers, heat coils and exchangers,

Oct , I love the Tongue and Groove composite lumber for zero maintenance and long life, BUT it s super heavy, super expensive In our never ending search for reliable, quality suppliers of green building materials and products I (only sadly) occasionally come across a store

Dods Vaults stood on the corner opposite Graham Gratrix bathrooms supplies Bootle is a town within the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton, in Merseyside, England adjoining the City of Liverpool, and the site of numerous docks, Bootle had the distinction of being one of the most heavily bombed borough in the UK.

Please note that I m not an estate agent specialized in eco friendly houses, I m just providing a free service for those, from UK or anywhere else, seeking a healthier home Water treatment by plants, Basement technical room, m2 wooden deck, summer space, ruin touching the house that could be rebuilt for m2 more.

Nov , A friend of ours recommended our local Sherwin Williams store for getting our supplies rather than Lowes or Home Depot He said that the staff there could provide a lot more expertise about the right approach and products for a deck than the others All I knew was that I wasn t interested in sealing and

Oct , The wood was then shipped to the United States, Argentina, Panama, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and South Korea, authorities said Data provided by The current price of a cubic meter of timber cut into boards for decks for export is US , Photo courtesy of

Oct , We can see how well the wall combines with the wood decking and steel staircase The blue bricks used here, known as Staffordshire Blue bricks in the U.K have been fired at a higher temperature than normal bricks, making them hard and impervious to Eclectic Landscape by New Eco Landscapes.