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Feb , The boundaries expanded through successive land reclamation projects (often contracted by the Republic to religious orders that wanted to settle in the ), by cladding the fa?ade with trophies, Venice demonstrated its rightful status as holder of both of the material spoils and moral authority of the

Still another object of the present invention is to provide concrete mixes or mortar mixes that can be used to create improved precast concrete objects or structures, such as panels, wall cladding, pipes, vaults, pavers, brick, artificial stone and architectural concrete objects [] Yet another object of the present invention is

Aug , The exterior was painted a bright shade of blue on areas of the earlier building, and left blank across the new addition This colour choice complements the materiality of the roof, which is made of reflective metal panels Lincoln Street Residence by EL Studio Summarising the project, the architects said that

Aug , Potatoes Cut the potato in half and dip the side without peel into baking soda When covered, firmly rub the potato on rusted areas Grapefruit Remove limescale by cutting the MinimizeExpandClose The oils in Brazil nuts are also effective and act like a natural die to darken and hide scratches .

Mar , To celebrate World Book Day, we ve rounded all bookshops ever published on Dezeen from SelgasCano s concept store to a rainbow display in Rio.

Mar , Interplay of striking but subtle colours and direct and indirect (artificial) lighting enlivens the interior Rehabilitation Centre Groot Klimmendaal by Architectenbureau Koen van Velsen Click above for larger image Sustainable The use of energy is amongst others reduced by the compact design of the

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First of all make reference level on the wall transfer this marking to all location where flooring to be done with help of water level tube Ensure there is no air bubble present The size of panel should not exceed more than square meters for indoor and square meter for outdoor flooring Glass, aluminium or brass strip are

When both parts expand and contract the caulk which is fluid moves away from the plane of the parts or panels and is no longer available to close the gap The use of high aspect or low aspect ratio fillers in the composition of the present invention may reduce the gaps between panels and reduce the need for caulking

In the absence of heat loss by draft airflow, the relationship between total (system) R value of a wall, ceiling, or floor, and the dollar cost of the heat lost through that significant than small surface R value uncertainties, where an insulated face of a structure acts against other than outdoor conditions in a c l space or attic.

Jul , The ridged surface and curved edges also allow water to run off the side of the building naturally, without the need for gutters, in order to reduce the need for Durable and low maintenance materials were used throughout, with polyurethane resin flooring, and sandwich panels for the walls, made from

,, and ,, to Wallsten, the coating on the inner wall of the tube like structure may tend to be thinner than that applied to the outer wall of the tube like begins in start circle and flows to action , which indicates to provide a medical device including an insulating layer on the external surface of the

The design was approached in this context to be no bigger than required and enduring, wrote the architects This resonated strongly with our A similar material palette dominates the open plan interior of the project, with plywood interior walls and ceilings lending a rustic quality Big Cabin Little Cabin, Renée del

Sep , Kaap Skil Maritime and Beachcombers Museum on Texel island, the Netherlands, by Mecanoo with reclaimed wooden cladding and a zig zagging roof From within, the glass facade in front of the wooden boards allows an inviting view of the outdoor museum terrain and of the famous North Holland skies

May , Campus Parking Facility by Substance Architecture in West Des Moines, Iowa Bronze coloured mesh was used to conceal columns on the building s other elevations, which consist of concrete walls with openings to enable airflow The precast concrete is coloured to match the material used elsewhere on

FRIDAY Prep the wall and steps (Steps ) SATURDAY Install and grout the veneer You want a very slight slope toward the front, to shed water, but no more than inch per foot Working out from the center, strike the tread add the interior pavers to clad concrete steps in stone Photo by Kolin Smith Build up mortar

Aug , Double height glazing on the internal facing walls offers pupils a view out to the courtyard and brings in natural light, dappled by the maple trees And so artificial light is reduced to the essential In the outside the ceramic continuous walls bear naturally the patina of time and have no maintenance.

No ,, issued Jan , ), which is a continuation of U.S patent application Ser No , filed Dec , (now U.S Pat No ,, issued Sep In embodiments, the fluid flow toward which the array is oriented may be preferably a natural or artificial generated differential flow, such as wind, solar

May , Translucent polycarbonate cladding was applied inside the framework in order to reduce the building s visual bulk In warm seasons the sports ground floor has a syntetic covering suitable for athletics, basketball, volleyball and handball, but in the cold season it is turned into artificial ice ground for hockey

Jun , The main elevation faces east, but the surfaces on each level are pushed in or pulled out in response to the requirements of the interior spaces On the ground floor, the entrance and The patio s floor is covered with artificial turf and its walls are clad with white tiles Perforated masonry screens provide

Mai Covering panel for floors, walls or ceilings, formed preferably of wood, wood material, MDF, HDF, plastic material, recycled plastics, chips with artificial resin or bonded chips, the covering panels comprising a groove along at least one edge or front surface and or a tongue () along at least one

Jul , School in Colombes by Dominique Coulon Associés Many of the traffic routes are lateralised, making them varied and bright, said the architects The bright colours transform the space, expanding it to create a place for educational stimulation Music school in Belfort by Dominique Coulon Associes