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Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Aug , And like everything else in home design, the type and style of your patio or deck covering will be a function of your house s style, the solar orientation the outside space has and Adding fabric to the lattice structure will provide some flexibility for shading control as well as soften up its overall aesthetics.

Use an uncoupling membrane to prevent tiles from cracking or popping loose Be sure to use unmodified thinset, as the latex modified kind won t harden properly when sandwiched between the tile and the membrane Error loading player Warner ProGrip Full Flex Putty Knife, Inch ..

Nov , The water is generally pushed outside through a discharge pipe by the pump, with water being disposed of on your land through a discharge hose Fasten a larger size flexible, perforated drain hose or pipe ( or diameter) of suitable length to the discharge outlet (e.g a piece of weeping tile pipe)

Nov , Block unwanted noise with plantings, barriers and water features for a more soothing outdoor experience Whether it s the busy boulevard at your front curb or the kids next door having a screamingly good time, a noisy environment makes it hard to relax and enjoy your yard Noise pollution is a stressful

Jul , The idea was to create a decorative, celebratory frontage that would activate the public yard in front of the building, Jones told Dezeen, explaining how the team researched the history of the concrete tile and fashioned their own tile making devices Yardhouse by Assemble The colours are random for

May , Make the most of your deck, patio or rooftop with an inviting setup for eating alfresco Were they d n to a sunny spot at the back of the yard, or did they end up clustered around the outdoor grill Chances are, the best The table and chair combination in this backyard also cleverly increases flexibility.

If it had had a large lawn or huge patio, everyone would be standing around in the middle, and no chance to have a tete a tete with another guest at a party My idea of a perfect garden is one that has rooms and nooks and LOTS of seating for two to four people (four, max, if everyone is going to be able to participate in a

Feb , The sliding door led to an outdoor patio that was limited in size and not used very often Pangaea gave the fireplace a makeover too, changing it from wood burning to natural gas and adding large format porcelain tiles to the surround A new window over the sink frames views to the side yard.

Sep , Mediterranean Exterior by HartmanBaldwin Design Build HartmanBaldwin Design Build In another Los Angeles house, an inset scalloped entrance folds into the facade, demonstrating the flexibility of the stucco finish Other identifying details include colorful tiles set into the risers of the steps, clay tile roof

A pro shows how to extend the life of your metal lawn chairs This is something homeowners can definitely do, says Steven Gentino, owner of The Chair Care Co an outdoor furniture refinisher in New Haven, Make the straps flexible by soaking them in hot (not boiling) water never use a hair dryer or heat gun.

Aug , What used to seem ordinary and humble can now be chic and even trendy, making concrete a very flexible and desired addition to most types of gardens Pros When properly Masonry raised beds are very attractive and can be built to blend in with or even match your home s exterior Cons Masonry can

Apr , Learn about LED tapes, ropes, pucks and more to create a flexible and energy efficient lighting design that looks great WAC Lighting Rope lighting works well for outdoor applications, because it s encased in a durable plastic tubing It s perfect for patios, railings, walkways, stairs and landscape edging.

Dec , If your furniture is across the yard from the home, try moving it closer to the home for the season, if you have room, and see if you end up using it more often If you re in the process of a home remodel, think about year round uses of outdoor furniture while you re in the planning stage Extending the eaves to

And it s a flexible sheet flooring with a fiberglass backing that s much thicker than traditional sheet vinyl so that it can be installed either with or without adhesive Well, this Outside, we roll the flooring out facedown on the drive, so that we can make our rough cuts Installing tile on cement backer board over vinyl flooring.

May , An outdoor dining space atop gravel can look rustic or modern, is perfect for outdoor entertaining, and makes an outstanding option for a lawn free The beauty of using gravel in the landscape is that it offers tremendous flexibility when it comes to changes in ground materials, blending with pavers and

Apr , To play it safe, I would avoid choosing more than three materials, and for a no fail option use a solid colored slab for one area and simple subway tile for If you shop around, you can likely find a stone supplier that will sell you smaller off cut pieces at a discount you ll need to be flexible about the type of

Jun , Use new technology LED lighting has developed rapidly in the past decade there are now energy efficient outdoor lights in a variety of types and hues For instance, there are flexible LED lighting strips that can be installed along stair treads to create subtly glowing steps, or on the underside of planting

Jun , There are many ways to separate, or edge, your different garden and yard areas, from inexpensive and quick to costly and involved Here s a rundown of some of The basics This is a plastic lumber made from percent recycled polyethylene plastic and is very flexible and durable It generally comes in

Sep , High style even works on game day This Mediterranean outdoor space was carefully crafted by designer Mark Molthan It packs a ton of style for stylish entertaining but is flexible for game day Of course, it features a big screen TV and an array of seating options The outdoor entertaining space also has

May , Tiles with different levels and textures Famed designer Philippe Starck has a new line called Flexible Architecture for Sant Agostino that approaches tile installation in a new way The ugly joint used to be a problem now the ugly joint becomes more than the advantage It becomes a reason to exist, Starck

Nov , Planning to add a stone patio to your landscape next year Here s what to Dry laid stone patios are less expensive to install than wet laid stone patios and maintain flexibility over time It s much For large patios, it can also make sense to add sections of permeability to a patio or drain tiles It s best to

Oct , The other option is magnetic systems, in which a flexible magnetic backing is added to each tile, allowing it to adhere to any metal surface, or any surface painted with several coats of magnetic paint infused with iron dust The iron dust not the paint itself attracts the magnetic backing of the leather tile.

May , A shade sail is a good option for covering a patio, while free standing umbrellas make great flexible shade cover in a larger yard And if you have a pergola, you can make a DIY shade cover by draping canvas drop cloths from the hardware store over the top Use tablecloth weights to keep the cloths from