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Wilderness Pro Guide Juan Veruete shares his secrets from an entire year of kayak fishing for smallmouth bass Solution Use a boat with an open deck design like the Wilderness Systems ATAK If you need different line such as sinking, floating etc buy extra spools for your fly reel and just change out the spools.

Jun , Smell of summer Suncream scents are being used in travel agents to remind customers of their past trips The aromas used include orange groves to evoke the Mediterranean, freshly mown grass for golf holidays, pina colada for romantic breaks and a sea breeze scent for ocean cruises Travel Agent Fred

Dec , The Greenland style storm roll is one of the hardest rolls for paddlers to learn Greenland style mentor Tim Gallaway gives you advice on how to learn it.

Jan , A slice of Whitby s heritage for £, Owners put country s oldest working steam bus up for sale after dispute with obstructive local council If anyone out there has the money please save it for Whitby as it s the only steam bus still operating today in the world and if anyone does buy it, keep the

Vibe Kayaks, the Georgia based fishing and recreational kayak and outdoors company, has entered the growing sport of standup paddleboard (SUP) angling with today s official sale of the With its pressure injected foam hull and rotomolded polyethene shell, the Vibe Maverick SUP offers a sink proof, no flex deck.

Dec , The Rapiscan scanner, once used at US and UK airports, has been posted on eBay for despite still being used at airports in Africa as well as courtrooms and prisons in America.

Nov , Putney Bridge Canoe Club, pool sessions Open to all kayakers and canoeists, whether you are a complete beginner or an accomplished expert.

Bring your kayak or canoe to the pool to work with other WWCKC members on your paddling skills The patio will be open at There is a gated patio off the pool parking lot that we will use as the entrance to the pool deck with the boats The staff will have the gate Book sale and signing after the show No charge, general

Oct , Amenities include a community pool with deck, tennis courts and on site garage parking CBRE CBRE Group s Westchester Fairfield County office has been retained to represent ownership in the sale of the Long Ridge Club in Stamford, Connecticut M multifamily buy a nod to workplace shift.

A kayak for Linda This page is dedicated to my first strip built boat It s a Guillemot Petrel by Nick Schade that I ve built for my wife Linda, who until now has paddled a Mac S amp G I built I then used a belt from a belt sander, cut and glued it onto a ply backing as a long smoothing board to sand down the hull and deck.

Bill Bragman stands on a fishing kayak as he reels in a fish YakGear HOUSTON October , What began as talk around a backroom pool table evolved into YakGear, a full fledged company serving the paddlesport world You can buy a boat that comes completely tricked out, but what s the fun in that

Aug , The acrylic material used in the windows is the same as that used in aquariums the kind that s times stronger than an equal thickness of standard glass Despite its being for sale, we found no word on how much the EGO Semi Submarine costs But like the Barbecue Dining Boat, it is probably more

The virtually indestructible recyclable polycarbonate deck provides a unique and smooth ride with the flex of a snowboard and the flow of a surfboard Check it out Ok, admittedly you can t buy this but this incredible Mars Rover concept vehicle from NASA is too incredible not to show off It was unveiled for the

Kayak Angler s Ben Duchesney takes a look at the new StandNCast standup bar prototype from Yak Gear A new standup bar that will work on nearly every fishing kayak on the market Details WRITTEN It s making it easier to look for bedding bass without having to constantly put my paddle and rods down on the deck.

Nov , Before writing this review, I looked at other reviews on the internet and found SoCalHiker s review His stakes bent when used in harder ground When pounding them in with a rock into a frozen beach, I also bent the stake If you buy these, I recommend only using even pressure from your foot to sink them.

Jan , It s January and I thought I should look back at and see what fun I had kayaking and canoeing was a busy year for me otherwise We bought a house that needed (and needs) lots of work My kayaking company, North Shore Expeditions, hired its first full time guide other than myself and my

Jun , Minnesota is in flood We re getting lots of rain on top of lots of rain, which means that many of the streams and rivers are at some of their highest levels ever If you re a whitewater kayaker, your ears probably just perked up a little, because you know that the legendary whitewater rivers of Lake Superior s

Here is your chance to buy the one and only set a complete set of dining room dish and silverware from Walt Disneyworld Florida Floating Drink Cooler Kayak Designed in the form of a giant stingray, this stunning abode features everything from an infinity pool and boat deck to incredible panoramic views of the

Sep , Line Photo by Beth Price Two oil and gas pipelines run along the bottom of the Straits of Mackinac and have for years Is Line an environmental time bomb or a Sure, in big wind a lake gets dynamic, gets choppy, gets wavy, but the effect is akin to splashing in a pool, not turbulence born of current.

Apr , The DeRide has various deck lines, but all of the bungie variety So I mounted some self rescue straps behind the cockpit and a perimeter line (with a pair of needed extra pad eyes) all new lines of the non bungie variety The foam seat was unattached so I used velcro to secure it Otherwise, the seat was

Aug , Paddle a different kayak Your boat feels like an old pair of worn jeans So, why would you buy anything else until you put holes in its knees Because, a different kayak might test your skills in different ways It ll feel like you need to relearn all your strokes to make the new boat perform like your old After the

Aug , Thus, enter the scupper plugs There are factory and aftermarket made scupper plugs that will fit virtually every SOT kayak out there, but they can get kind of pricey, especially when you re having to buy or of them to keep your boat completely dry on deck I opted to do it my own way There are a variety

May , These are of the best deals you can get from one of your favorite legacy outdoor brands right now.

There is a gated patio off the pool parking lot that we will use as the entrance to the pool deck with the boats The staff will Gear exchange sale Bring along any unwanted gear to sell trade Resurrection pm Bring your canoe or kayak to the pool to work with other WWCC members on your paddling skills.

May , Sports Authority is kicking off a massive clearance sale at all its stores before shutting them down here are the details Our liquidation sales will offer shoppers extraordinary opportunities to buy the kinds of sporting goods, equipment and apparel they ve come to expect from Get the Slide Deck Now ?

They made sure to pick a boat with plenty of empty deck space so they could customize their boats to their exact fishing needs Pick a boat Many anglers that fish in heavy fishing kayaks also pick up a kayak fishing trailer when they buy their boat, or even before they buy it, so they never need to worry about car topping.

Apr , Throughout the years, PaddlingLight has provided information on cold water and winter paddling, so if you are a long term reader, you ve probably read articles But if you just started to read PaddlingLight or came here via a Google search, you might not understand everything that goes into cold water