wood plank walkway steps with cobblestone

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Jan , Way did you use to get those effects on the wood planks an is that water proof an uv resistant( meaning will it tarnish with sun exposure ) hunting fishing woods cabin feel the gun safe man cave and the intergration of stone wall all over the wall around doors is like bringing outdoor exterior to the interior I

Oct , Streets are cobblestone and the old cathedral breaks the skyline with its gray spire In the town square, we new visitors may enter Pay at the top of the stairs right before you go up the very narrow wood planks that will have you c ling out onto the lookout Eery walkway around the town Quick Stop in

Jun , Unfortunately, I didn t have the time to wait for the perfect pallets and we just didn t have the supply of pallets on this little island for me to pick and choose exactly what kind of pallet wood I really wanted for each and every project But I really wanted a pallet walkway Not only for the book, but it would be

Jun , This ideabook explores the textures that can be expressed through concrete, stone, wood, metal and even rammed earth The examples that follow move from the macro to the micro, Here horizontal wood planks were used, as the ghost of them is visible Contemporary Exterior by Cornerstone Architects.

Jul , Over the years our front porch steps and walkway have seen a lot of use Everything from little kids chalking on hopscotch squares and spilling their bubble blowing soap mixture, to bikes and foot traffic And then there were those couple years of duck doo from the crapping quackers The walkway and

Patio pavers are a nice addition to your outdoor living space, but sometimes these types of pavers are not perfect for your application Well, you might want to consider These look like stone pavers, you have a little more of an ornamental design on those back there, these look like brick pavers But what I like best about