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May , Whatever choice you make in housing style, size and age, you will find that construction materials and designs vary from home to home Before purchasing a home, I recommend that you take time to conduct your own research by touring several homes Then, after weighing the pros and cons of different

Not only is it very resilient, but since cork floors are made only from the bark of the cork oak tree (and the tree itself doesn t have to be cut down) cork is also a renewable material This is one of the many reasons that cork flooring is such a favorite in American households especially among those who are environmentally

Jul , While many would argue that it s hardly a sound ecofriendly option, recycled plastic is a highly durable material with a range of uses that does in some small way reduce the amount of Pros Unlike wood, recycled plastic products never rot, encourage mold growth or need paint or toxic preservatives.

Apr , Pros Versatility Dry stacked walls can be used in a number of ways in the landscape A low, freestanding accent wall encloses a small portion of the However, the choice of materials can skew this Contemporary Landscape by Zeterre Landscape Architecture Zeterre Landscape Architecture Cons .

Aug , We ll discuss the pros and cons of each color, and suggest paint palettes that you can audition for your own home First up how to work a navy blue exterior I like to pair deep navy blue siding with light neutral trim and then add a bold color for the front door While it s a fantastic house color, it s not for

Specifically, we will describe each siding material, discuss the pros and cons of each one etc Make sure to read the whole post for getting an overall knowledge of the best house siding materials and options in case you are planning to replace or install a new siding for your home Once upon a time, homeowners were too

Nov , The Pros and Cons of Metal Residential Roofing Written by Tony Hall If you re currently in the market for a new residential roof for your home, it s important to weigh the pros and cons of any material Metal roofing is presently one of the most popular choices, and for a good reason That s not to say there

May , Pro Tip Pouring a concrete slab foundation is a viable alternative to this method however, it introduces additional concerns, such as frost heaving in colder areas The shed at a later date These panels are a durable and relatively inexpensive alternative to other siding materials, such as vinyl siding.

Jan , This review started off as a sort of bait and switch You see, I was asked if I would like to review a tool belt or two for Pro Tool Reviews What should have occurred was the sound of a robotic voice, saying Danger, Will Robinson! Alas, I m a bit na?ve Sure, send them over, I said Choosing the best tool

Dec , icf materials monday image Blower door testing has demonstrated that ICF homes achieve tight construction with minimal air infiltration, which improves the energy performance of And are they going to compare it to another, say wood framed house insulated to R with cellulose or icynene

Oct , As always, there are advantages and disadvantages to every material Cork, however, has good thermal performance for both cold and hot temperatures While cork has been used for quite a while in Europe as a rigid insulation material, the American market will need some time to learn how to work with

Sep , Although the house offers a startling contrast to its neighbors, Gropius took his cues from the materials on the surrounding Colonial homes, covering his house with wood siding painted white and adding a brick chimney The building is set on a foundation of local fieldstone that extends into the landscape to

Mar , These time honored textiles are attractive and durable, and they look great in home styles ranging from log cabin to modern condo Learn more about their construction, material choices, patterns and pros and cons You might just get hooked by Jeannine Petteruti Jeannine Petteruti Braided Braided rugs

In some historic districts, homeowners have filed lawsuits against their governing commissions in order to get an exception and be allowed vinyl siding They have a strong argument vinyl siding is much cheaper and requires less maintenance than traditional materials, and that comes in very handy when there is so much

Jul , Kitchen Confidential The Pros and Cons of Double Stacked Cabinets aren t always easy to access If the stacked cabinet look has caught your eye, this quick rundown of pros and cons will better inform your buying decision Traditional Kitchen by Linda McDougald Design Postcard from Paris Home.

There are several mobile home siding options to choose from such as stone, wood, cedar, metal, and vinyl Your choices are endless! In this article, we will cover the most popular mobile home siding materials, provide advantages and disadvantages of each material, and help you determine the best siding option for your

I m trying to prep for redoing the siding on my house, and have been keeping an eye on Craigslist for a siding nailer that doesn t cost If you Google using roofing nailer for siding you get a number of forum posts discussing pros and cons The main issue is apparently siding nails are a smaller

Nov , As you can see, each insulation option has its own sets of pros and cons Many other types of insulation options exist such as wool and hemp batt insulation, cork rigid panels, Air Krete, and more If you are building your tiny house on a fixed foundation, other options open up as well such as st bale

Feb , According to a study by the National Association of Home Builders, percent of respondents ranked brick as their top choice for home exteriors, while vinyl siding came in at percent, stone at percent, stucco at percent and wood at percent In fact, respondents said they were willing to pay an