roof systems deck shield

Features, Benefits and Technical Details

Jan , A roofing framework for permanently mounting on top of mobile homes Means of support are added under the mobile home Cripple walls are used in a form of the invention to carry a portion of the roof load The roofing framework remains permanently attached when the mobile home is moved In another

May , The blocking assembly includes one or more pre formed component structures fabricated from a non corrosive, durable material, each of the component structures including an anchoring flange for attachment to the roof structure, an upper flange defining a mounting base for attachment of various roofing

Feb , A roofing system comprising a) a roof deck of a building b) a first layer of underlayment material attached to said roof deck, wherein said material is comprised of a substrate having an ionic charge coated with a coating having essentially the same ionic charge wherein said coating consists essentially of a

May , A roofing system designed to protect roof construction workers from falls includes a strong nonmetallic mesh placed over an array of purlins, and secured to the periphery of the roof by a series of metal straps which plastically deform individually under large loads to absorb energy.

Apr , A thermally efficient, protected membrane roofing system for insulating the interior of a building including a water impermeable membrane ) and an array of an array of factory assembled roofing panels positioned in a juxtaposed position across the roofing deck, said panels each including at lease,

Jul , Similar to construction , the roofing contractor installs his ply sheets and the flange of the lead jack is nailed through the ply sheets to the roof deck Extra ply sheets are stripped over the flange to laminate it into the roof systems The finish layer of roofing materials are installed onto the roof plies.

Jun , SuperNAP also includes Switch SHIELD, a redundant data center roofing system that offers two steel roof decks, each rated to survive winds of up to MPH The two roof decks are located nine feet apart and are attached to the concrete and steel shell of the facility and contain no roof penetrations.