composite panels for door making machinery

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Apr , It is also known to make building panels out of concrete containing a layer of insulating material However such panels are heavy and difficult to transport and do not have good insulating properties Also the insulation does not adhere to the concrete and so the panel is not a composite structure.

May , A composite foam panel with an outer metal skin and an inner metal skin which sandwich a structural foam core The thermal blistering problem, which is common to a composite foam panel is solved by this invention by using an internal gas venting system adjacent the inner surface of at least one of the

Sep , Automakers push ahead on energy saving carbon fiber composites despite questions of economic viability Solar Panel Makers Cry Foul year, Audi formed a partnership with Voith, a German machinery parts maker, to develop an automated process chain to make high volume carbon fiber car parts.

Jan , Another aspect of this invention is to provide an improved method of manufacturing a composite panel using textured mold inserts, which allow air trapped between the heated platens is a perspective view of a typical building envelop penetration, such as walk doors, rollup door, windows, and vents.

Feb , Stitch reinforced sandwich panel and method of making same US B Abstract A stitch reinforced sandwich panel with improved flatwise tensile strength, improved skin to core peel strength, and substantially reduced damage propagation from impact includes a relatively non compressible foam

Apr , A lightweight, composite armor lining for use in protecting objects such as vessels and like craft from powered high speed projectiles comprising a) a plurality of layers In a heavier embodiment Class threats (e.g U.S caliber machine gun and Soviet mm machine gun can be stopped General

Aug , Composite vehicle body having sandwich panels integrally formed with frame parts to form individual body modules which are connected to other body The vehicle body recited in claim , wherein after completion of the respective body module the cover layers are hemmed along the window and door

A vacuum insulated panel having high thermal insulating value and long vacuum life, and a method of making such a panel are disclosed Such panels are particularly well suited for use, e.g in refrigeration equipment and particularly for use in the door or walls of a refrigerator however, the scope of potential uses is not

Apr , In order to make the appearance of crushed core sandwich panels acceptable to its customers, the assignee of the applicants has used a hand finishing procedure to eliminate irregularities in the outer skin of the panels, caused by separation of core materials and markoff, before applying the finishing

Dec , Vehicle door panel manufacturing method US A Abstract The present invention provides, in a preferred embodiment, an interior trim component for a motor vehicle including a first membrane with a connected foam backing, an apertured second membrane spread adjacent the foam backing of

There is disclosed a composite car door panel and method of making same The panel includes a pair of panel sections adhesively adhered to each other by pressure sensitive adhesive Headed fasteners used to attach the panel to a car door frame are able to be oriented relative to holes in the car door frame because the

May , For example, manufacturing a molded panel fire door that meets current fire protection requirements generally requires using a mold There are The door blank is placed into the milling machine and one side of the door blank is milled according to the design entered into the CNC milling machine.

Another object of this invention is to provide a rapid, convenient and inexpensive method, not requiring expensive, elaborate or cumbersome machinery, or auxiliary equipment for making such a sandwich panel joint Additional objects of this invention will become apparent from the following description, which is given

May , A bulkhead door for watertight closing of a bulkhead opening of a naval vessel, comprising a composite outer shell and inner shell, a chamber therebetween, and a channel along the door margin for retaining a gasket without adhesive The chamber may be filled with a material such as a rigid foam to

Nov , Method of manufacturing a molded door skin from a flat wood composite, door skin produced therefrom, and door manufactured therewith US B Abstract reforming the flat blank into a molded door skin including a plurality of panels defined therein by closing the press degassing the flat blank

Jun , The fire retardant wooden door has at least one door panel connected to stiles and rails by tongue and groove joints, and the tongue and groove wherein said wooden door is made of wood material selected from the group consisting of oak, maple, walnut, teak, other hardwoods and composite board .

Oct , The outer panel is preferably formed from aluminum, polypropylene or steel, while the inner door panel is preferably cast from magnesium with the issues include the integration of the new materials and assembly techniques into the existing framework of an automotive manufacturing and assembly plant.

Jan , The method of claim , wherein placing the preform in the at least one recess is performed automatically by an automatic placement machine A method of making a stiffened composite panel, comprising recessing a plurality of fiber reinforcement stiffener preforms in a face of a mold tool creating a

Sep , A smooth side trailer body or body structure comprised of a plurality of extruded panel members positioned adjacent one another Original Assignee, East Manufacturing Corporation One of the only limitations on the size of the panel is the capacity of an extruding machine used to make the panels.