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Jun , Using some old pallet wood that I got from a friend, my dad created this make shift pallet for me Since the rope was more of a natural color, I knew that I would have to stain the pallet in order for the rope name to really show up Pallet Name with Rope So, I grabbed some stain that I already had got to

Sep , I was just gonna purchase a wooden box if I could find one, if not, I was gonna build one Then, my mom spotted this in one of the aisles of the store we were in Yep A cardboard box!!! It was exactly the size I was needing after asking one of the sales associates for permission, I took it home with me

Dec , Rustic Glam Christmas Collage Rustic Glam Christmas Tree The ornaments you see below were left over from last year s tree The wooden ornaments were a gift from my mom the icicle snowflake ornaments were just some inexpensive add ons from Walmart! Rustic Glam Christmas Tree Collage

Jan , Hey Friends! Was getting organized part of your New Year s Resolution this year ! It was definitely one of my mine! I want NEED to get more organized not only at home, but in all areas aspects of my life One thing I ve learned about having children.Life gets CRAZY BUSY really quick! In order for

Mar , Ours was good! We spent most of our Saturday just relaxing at home with the kids enjoying this beautiful weather!! Sunday was spent working on a project in our kitchen and I m really excited to share it with all of you! I m waiting for my dad to help me out with some electrical stuff then I will need a bright

Aug , Hey Friends! Well, the time is come! Tomorrow marks the first day of the new school year! How about youhave your kiddos started back yet I ve been trying to come up with a gift idea for Parker s teacher for the past few weeks but haven t had much luck! I ve made so many teacher s gifts over the past

Oct , It was already beadboard from floor to ceiling I was trying to decide if I should leave it the color it was or paint it white to coordinate with the beadboard on the side walls After much thought taking into consideration your guys opinions, I decided white would be best And I LOVE how much it has

Jul , The floor Flooring Closeup The windows, most likely with blinds and no curtains That corner window is double height, as is one of the corners of my bedroom It was a s addition to the house Window And Chinese Evergreen Elm The Pottery Barn dresser, which means I am apt to want a bed in

Jan , Hey Friends! Are you ready for some football ! This Sunday is the big game!! I don t get into football as much as I used to, but I still always look forward to Super Bowl Sunday! It s always a great time with family an endless supply of yummy fattening food.MY FAVE! I was surfing the net trying to come

May , Hey Friends!! Long time no chat Am I right ! I m so excited to be dropping in today! Since opening the store, I ve had a hard time keeping up with this little ole blog Although I m loving every minute of being a business owner, I definitely miss blogging Lately, I ve been missing it even more than usual.

Jan , I also utilized my Cricut machine to make labels for our new storage baskets as well I love that the new shelving is large enough to accommodate both mine my hubby s shoes So much better than the mismatched shoe racks we were using before! I m also loving the fact that they are off the floor!

Dec , Then, you will need to grab your wooden skewer (the kind you would use for shish kabobs), stick it in the hole Secure it with a little hot glue Once the hot glue is dry, you can begin assembling your tree You ll start with the largest book page cut out () and work your way up the tree until you get to the

Mar , Hey Y all! Happy Tuesday! Did you have a good weekend ! If you follow along on Facebook and or Instagram, you know that my weekend was BUSY!! Friday afternoon I made a trip to St Louis for my little sister s bachelorette party (stayed up WAY too late) and then Saturday morning I jumped back in the

Jul , Hey Y all! I hope you had a fabulous July th weekend! We had fun visiting some family were also busy putting the finishing touches on our back deck I m so excited to share that space with you!! The way things are looking right now, it looks like I should be able to have that post up on Friday! Yay!

Sep , After doing some professional woodworking on the side, he and a friend had the idea to pull together some reclaimed wood and sell it on Craigslist That lead to building furniture, which lead to social media, which lead to Porter s very quick rise to popularity Of course, Porter s story didn t start there I went

Nov , Laying the other pieces out on the floor, it helped us to visualize how the mantel would go together and what pieces would need to be added faux mantel We decided that we wanted the total width of the mantel to be about foot, so we marked off the ends of the headboard that would need to be cut off.

Jun , I used a left over wood letter that I had from our Father s Day Project It was purchased at Hobby Lobby for . I had spray painted it for the previous project, but that wouldn t make a difference for the current one I started by laying the full sheet of moss out on my counter placing the D in the lower left

Nov , There s more than , home improvement products included in the sale from outstanding categories Wood Flooring, Home D├ęcor, Lighting, Furniture, Patio If you are going to go through the expense of wood floors I would do something like ! P.S I like the hickory antique or Savannah cherry.

May , Happy Friday Friends! Y all seemed to enjoy that last iPhone photo dump that I did, so I decided I would try to incorporate it into the blog every couple weeks, just to mix things up a bit I take so many photos with my iPhone, so I also thought it would be a great way to put those pictures to use! Here is a little

Oct , Since I ve been home, I ve been ogling the cherry red version (above) and looking at real estate listings in the suburbs As I live in a house I have a seperate room (called the laundry) that has washing machine, dryer, sink, giant floor to ceiling cupboard that harbours all sorts of exceptionally useful stuff,

Mar , I finally got fed up with all of the overpriced options I was seeing on Craigslist and decided we should just customize an Ikea dresser instead I wanted a Once he had the boards ready, he mitered each edge ( degrees) of the planks so that they would interlock, similar to hardwood flooring He used that

We used surplus insulation people had leftover, doors from the Habitat ReStore, free vintage strip wood flooring from Craigslist, and reclaimed siding and ceiling panels It felt great to be reducing our footprint a little more, but not purchasing new meant fun times like removing hundreds of rusted nails from the flooring,

Jun , Hey Friends! Happy Tuesday to all of you! I wanted to drop in today share with you a project I completed a couple weeks back! I ve been slowly, but surely marking things off our to do list for the back deck If you ve been reading this blog for a while, you may remember the makeover we did a few years ago

Mar , Happy Friday Y all!! It s going to be almost degrees here today I m just a wee bit excited about that!! I m thinking about sending the kids outside to play, opening the windows, turning on some music, doing a little spring cleaning! Who would have thought I d ever be excited about cleaning house !

The cherry was harvested decades ago from the mountain that is part of their family farm and the view from my kitchen window The straighter, less figured boards were used for a bedroom floor in the year old farm house The rest were left in barn to gather many decades (and layers) of barn history Likes January ,

Mar , She spent the better part of a year remodeling the room herself, ripping out cabinets and replacing them in phases, and laying down a cherry floor She even relocated the To save money, she bought most of the appliances used off Craigslist but splurged on the refrigerator and sink Macdonald did the