composite decking matting price per square foot

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May , The door according to claim , wherein the porous layer comprises a thermoplastic polymer having a density of about one pound per cubic foot relevant fire protection requirements, its design may vary to fulfill other design considerations, such as weight, cost of manufacture, and aesthetic appearance.

Dec , Prefabricated plastic composite portable panels, a plurality of which are jointed together to form expedient airfield surfacing and rapid runway repair, each Each ply of style fiberglass is composed of ounces per square yard of woven roving and ounces per square foot of chopped strand ,

Jul , A spacer according to claim , wherein said corrugated web is elastically compressible and has a compression strength sufficient to withstand at least about pounds per square foot (psf) of pressure A spacer according to claim , wherein said web is an openwork mat of randomly convoluted

Oct , Such composite polymers would have substantial uses at considerable cost and energy savings The treated rubber extended made by chlorinating reclaimed for smaller particles The bulk chlorine content falls within the range of x to x grams per square meter of rubber particle surface area.

Dec , Low weight and non square carpet tile suitable for use in mass transit vehicles, particularly passenger aircraft The carpet tile preferably weighs less than about ounces per square yard A trial installation was completed in a mock up of a deck configuration of a Boeing Series aircraft The initial

A light weight structural composite panel adapted for use in a vertical orientation in an underground worker protection system is disclosed , the first layer of material over the gel coat comprises a fiber matting material weighing between about lbs per square foot and about lbs per square foot, a second

Aug , The gypsum product of claim , wherein the panel has a density of about lb ft (about kg m) to about lb ft (about kg m) and a High In such embodiments, the HEHS additive(s) can have a heat of decomposition per unit mass in the relevant temperature range that is significantly higher

Dec , c a second layer of a carbon mesh material applied over the first layer without mechanical connection to the substrate, having a carbon content in excess of sixty percent to a weight in the range of and pounds per square yard, and further said material capable of maintaining its structural integrity

May , b) a roofing membrane with high solar heat reflectance adhered to the roofing deck, the roofing membrane comprising [Para ] Non woven glass fiber mats for use in the process of the present invention preferably have a weight per unit area of from about to g m, more preferably form about

Oct , Hard coat stucco has been in use since ancient time, while synthetic stuccos and exterior insulation and finishing systems (EIFS) have been used on These lath structures have thicknesses which are sufficient to meet minimum building codes, yet they are made in a cost effective way so as to render

Nov , A plurality of panels of st board are erected in a closed figure, preferably a square, on a foundation and their base edges mechanically secured to the state, to a density of about to pounds per cubic foot, and a modulus of elasticity of about , to , psi, and at least two inches of thickness,.

Dec , ,, that issued to Turner entitled Composite utility poles and methods of manufacture teaches Composite utility pole structures and methods of manufacture using a It is estimated that a length of the extruded structure has a tensile strength of about , pounds per square inch (PSI).

Aug , With typical metal sandwich panel costs ranging from to per square foot, these products have remained uncompetitive with conventional a taken apart poured in place metal sandwich panel of Example having a glass mat in the polyisocyanurate core taken from a distance of about feet .

Jul , The roof system claimed in claim wherein said nonwoven polymeric mat retains at least about gallons of water per square foot The roof system claimed in claim wherein said ballast comprises gravel The roof system claimed in claim comprising an insulation layer between said roof deck and

Sep , Open and accessible, space is organized around the sky lit, five storey atrium containing a , square foot living wall biofilter (The largest on a US There, it is recycled as irrigation water for the vegetated roof and site landscaping, saving the city , in water costs per year and supplying over

May , If a higher feed rate of the dilute aqueous slurry to the forming box could be achieved reasonably, the productivity of the mat line could be increased substantially producing a significantly lower fixed cost per capacity unit and also a significantly lower direct cost per capacity unit Also, since much of the

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Nov , An oriented strand board (OSB) fiberboard composite structure is comprised of a baseboard having three wood strand layers, the wood strands being a basis weight of dry fiber from to pounds per thousand square feet can be employed to mask defects in plywood, particleboard, and the like.

Jun , Paper and or mat faced gypsum board is prepared by applying a relatively thin coating of aqueous gypsum slurry containing a polyvinyl alcohol Mats suitable for use in the present invention have a basis weight which is usually between about and lbs per thousand square feet of mat surface area.

Jul , The process for preparing the lightweight, fibrous thermal insulation panel includes preparing a mat or sheet comprising high temperature resistant Panel products having basis weights ranging from about grams per square meter (g m or gsm) to about gsm, and in some embodiments from