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Jan , How a Local Bureaucrat Made Millions Amid the Rush to Build a Border Fence Trump Justice Department Pushes for Citizenship Question on Census, Alarming Experts Baltimore Prosecutor Admits He Was Wrong to Block Request to Alter Alford Plea Legal Footnote You Have to Look Hard to See the

Feb , Fast Efficient Charging Lithium batteries can be fast bulk charged to nearly of capacity Lead batteries on the So to build a Ah bank out of Ah cells, groups of five cells are hardwired in parallel and a single sense board monitors each of these four groups in series This means that we

Stone saints, socketed in the gold lit facade of the cathedral, watch tourists board a motorized tequila bottle on the street below Under a bandstand no frillier than a One can buy either a rico (rich) ticket close to the ring or a cheaper pobre (poor) seat behind a chain link fence If clothes and grooming habits are reliable

Aug , How a Local Bureaucrat Made Millions Amid the Rush to Build a Border Fence I ve Sent Out , Open Records Requests, and This Is What I ve Learned DEA Operation Played Hidden Role in the Disappearance of Five Innocent Mexicans Arkansas Spurns Warehousing of Floundering Students

Jul , DETROIT An internal review ordered in mid by top Fiat Chrysler executives uncovered thousands of vehicle sales reported by FCA brands for which there were no actual buyers, according to two company sources The insiders told Automotive News that following the inquiry, U.S sales head Reid

Oct , The deal closed Then, in , , and , the utility scored rate increases of million, million, and million, respectively all falling on Maryland regulators required ring fencing measures to keep divisions between Exelon and Pepco for the first several years of their union, in theory

Oct , But until the politicians in Bogotá reach a compromiseand can get the Colombian people on boardthey are stuck, neither at war nor fully at peace FARC s ruling secretariat who helped negotiate the accord, says the FARC would accept tweaks but not wholesale revisions to the original agreement.

Dec , Light, Medium, and Heavy Weight, Concrete Fencing Systems with precast attached footers or rebar only footers, fencing connections are safety pinned New lightweight (v) Lattice and Picket Board Fencing in a lightweight narrow width × or wider sections as shown in FIG claimed are the

Feb , Anthony So you talk to a wholesaler, they already have the property under contract And then you just find the buyer for that property and you just split the commission You split the final P or the double closing You just put it and that s it You bring them buyers, they got the deal and you close on it.

Sep , Yolen arranges a meeting in the first week of YC with mSpot, a company that has acted as wholesale supplier of radio programming to the major The startups that succeed, they don t go to meet ups, they don t run around talking to boards of advisers, they just write code and talk to customers, right

Feb , Because areal estate licensing board cannot regulate non licensed individuals entering into private agreements for finding real estate opportunities provided In this case it s just someone who has the time to hunt for deals that an investor may close and that person should be compensated because the

Aug , Wholesale solar prices have dropped considerably, increasing the gap between what utilities pay for rooftop and wholesale solar The bigger the spread, Those people sitting on the board just weren t going to hear anything we had to say. The intense backlash forced Sandoval off the fence In the first

Sep , Workers have installed construction fencing around the perimeter of the project in downtown Des Moines and demolition of existing buildings is slated to begin Kum Go organizers are scheduled to present updated plans for the new headquarters to the Urban Design Review Board this week.

Jun , That narrative becomes complicated when officials like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo muse that Confiscation could be an option a sentiment echoed by the New York Times editorial board But let s go with it So, the government somehow defines assault weapons in a meaningful way and bans

Aug , Shortly thereafter, she got her son Clay enrolled in a local school and her youngest son, Robert, into a day care close by When everything began to fall into She rounded up volunteers, miles of fence, skid steers, trucks and countless tools and headed north You ve gotta help when you ve gotta

Dec , It seemed like every time he d drive off to U.K to teach, something would be out of the fence, on the wrong side of the fence, she says She has served on the local library board and helped start a group called the Foundation for Excellence in Education, which sponsored lectures and dinners to raise

Nov , Obama Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, a Chicago billionaire who started five companies and who has served on the boards of several Fortune firms, routinely files such disclosures so far in , she has filed of them But company liabilities are exempt from federal reporting requirements.

Dec , ProPublica took a close look at the effluent rule, which was one of the most scrutinized and meticulously researched of the regulations the new EPA leadership is preparing to overturn Longtime staffers and environmental experts say it is an instance in which science and prevailing industry practices were

Jun , More than half of the people who said they were the victim of a hate crime in recent years did not report the incidents to police When victims did report to the police, their assailants were arrested in just percent of the cases The incidents reported as hate crimes were almost always violent ( percent)

Oct , That is, until now This week, the company broke its silence and broke rank with the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), of which First Solar is a board member In a letter filed Tuesday, First Solar urged the U.S International Trade Commission (ITC) to put in place a remedy that protects U.S cell and

Nov , The proposed zoning ordinance, which now moves to a public hearing before the Board of Supervisors on Dec From the time it was introduced six weeks ago, the county s marijuana zoning measure has pitted small family farmers, who make up the bulk of the local industry, against rural residents.