lightweight honeycomb panels for wall

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Jan , An insert for use of attachment in a threaded member, such as a bolt or the like, to a honeycomb panel by the use of epoxy adhesive, the insert being in the An insert according to claim wherein said integral externally extending spiraled thread portion is defined by substantially paralleled opposed walls.

Oct , A process for making a layered product having a honeycomb core having cells filled with a foam material, the process comprising the steps of (a) placing a first layer of an uncured, heat expandable, foamable material on the top side of a central honeycomb core having empty cells, and placing a second

Jun , Like other manufactured products that use sandwich panel construction to achieve a combination of light weight and strength, turbine blades contain carefully arrayed Balsa wood has a cellular architecture that minimizes its weight since most of the space is empty and only the cell walls carry the load.

Jul , A structurally stable, open cell, honeycomb core structure having a wall height greater than inch comprising an open cell honeycomb core having a layer of cured, resin impregnated, graphite fibers bonded to one open cell surface of the honeycomb core, the walls of the bonded core being substantially

The panel comprises a honeycomb core with thin imperforate facing sheets bonded thereto, and sheets of lightweight polyvinyl chloride (PVC) having a foamed center and smooth matte surfaces The PVC sheets are Such exhibits are used, for example, whenever heavy loads are to be mounted on vertical exhibit walls.

Vitranamel consists of a vitreous enamel coating on a decarbonized steel panel, with a honeycomb or calcium silicate core Extremely robust, durable and lightweight Completely non combustible, withstanding temperatures of over oC Superior colour consistency, unaffected by sunlight Scratch, graffiti and impact

The honeycomb panel structures of the past have generally comprised flat skins separated by lightweight spacers of honeycomb cross section secured therebetween It should be noted that, with a punch nose , to make a substantially cylindrical shaped wall of the interior skin in the region of the bend, the punch

Mar , Sandwich panels are used in a wide variety of applications where high strength and light weight are required Honeycomb and rigid foam are used as the core in many sandwich panels Honeycomb is a popular core material because of its high strength to weight ratio and resistance to fatigue failures.

Such speci fic braze powder placement reduces the weight of the honeycomb sandwich and with the sub stantially constinuous bond between core cell edges and face sheets realized by this invention permits use of the aforementioned very thin walled core material in a relatively light weight honeycomb structure having

Jan , As a result, phenolic adhesives have been limited to use in honeycomb sandwich panels which are not structural in nature Such panels include aircraft interior side walls, ceilings and overhead bins It was found that certain configurations and combination of phenolic resins and fire protection agents

Oct , The multi layer energy absorbing panel of claim , wherein the first core is selected from the group comprising metal foam and structural honeycomb In one exemplary embodiment core comprises metal honeycomb with cell sizes in the range of in to ? inch, and with cell wall thickness (foil

Dec , A lightweight, highly insulative panel comprising a gas envelope enclosing an expandable and flexible baffle means, wherein A said walls, such as refrigerators and freezers which is long lived, high performance, which avoids the use of CFCs, and which can be used in composite with non CFC foams.

L R BOSCH ,, HONEYCOMB STRUCTURE AND PROCESS OF MANUFACTURE June , Sheets Sheet Filed July , JNVENTOR (Cl lol) The present invention relates to an improved light Weight structural member of the honeycomb sandwich type and to a process of manufacturing such

The corestock used in the manufacture of the panel comprises an expanded section or sheet of lightweight metal foil honeycomb such as, for example, room temperature which is desirable because after the coated glass sections are applied to the corestock, the adhesive will not flow or run down the cell walls of the core

Mar , Compression fitting for use in a two sided honeycomb panel US A Abstract A top and bottom disk with central bores axially aligned for receipt of a through bolt fastener The disks have descending and ascending integral cylindrical tubes respectively The descending top disk tube has a side wall

Nov , For honeycomb core panels, both radiative and conductive heat transfer between the outer face sheet and the inner face sheet is much easier as most honeycomb cores include hollow cells which provide a direct path for heat flow Moreover, cell walls of honeycomb core panels provide a direct conductive

Nov , As is known, sound absorbing panels for ceilings and walls have been provided in the past in which a membrane is mounted on a sound damping porous layer of glass fibers, rock wool or a honeycomb structure In one type of prior art sound absorbing panel of this type, a membrane which covers a

Apr , We reduce core crush in honeycomb sandwich structure by using a peripheral tiedown ply, generally in combination with a scrim reinforced barrier film, between the composite laminate and the core along the panel chamfer to prevent slipping of the barrier film and outer laminates relative to the core during

Jan , A sound absorbing material for application to one or more walls of an enclosure forming means comprising a sheet of honeycomb panel as recited in any one of claims , , or Resilient honeycomb is used for shock absorption and vibration dampening as well as lightweight insulation The resilient

Jul , Armor apparatus as recited in claim wherein at least one of said layers of flexible honeycomb material have cells formed by a core having walls that are perforated to allow fluid flow therethrough Body armor including a plurality of rigid armor panels flexibly attached together to shield various parts of