wood plastics composite sheet pile

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Jul , This patent application provides reinforced, composite concrete pipe having polymeric resin composition, filler and fiber reinforcement providing high is a cross section of a prestressed concrete pipe reinforced with packaged preformed plastic resinfiber reinforced constructions and having joinery

Apr , She ets Sheet FIG P JAMES E COLBY INVENTOR ATTORNEYS v United States Patent ,, SYSTEM FOR REPLACING DETERIORATED WOOD PILING James E Colby, Rte , Box , Bremerton As such, it may be fabricated from metal, plastic, fiberglass, or like material.

Apr , ,,, Thomas discloses a bundling device for bundling elongate articles, such as firewood, with plastic film The device includes a wood support for fixedly supporting the articles to be bundled, a film support to support a roll of the plastic film to be wrapped around the articles and a drive for rotating the

Mar , Vertical Alignments of Graphene Sheets Spatially and Densely Piled for Fast Ion Diffusion in Compact Supercapacitors Yeoheung European Polymer Journal , Graphene based composite electrodes for electrochemical energy storage devices Recent progress and challenges.

Dec , A seawall element and installation apparatus therefor, the seawall element including an elongated plastic tubular member having a uniform hollow elliptic thermoplastic tubular members that when filled with concrete approach the strength of conventional concrete slabs or steel sheet piling while avoiding

Aug , Piling extender US A Abstract A method and system for extending a vertical structural member supporting a structure, where a sleeve is The sleeves can be constructed of fiberglass, ferrous materials of any suitable type, nylon, structural plastics, composites, or any other suitable

Mar , A company called Re Work have developed Curface (pronounced surface), a composite material made from used coffee grounds and recycled plastic Curface Picture Credit Re Work (site gone) Curface is similar to wood in its uses it can be sawn and sanded It also comes in flat sheets like MDF or

They have normally involved the use of metal piping either about or through a wooden or concrete piling member the kind indicated which the base member is a hollow sheet made of lightweight, preferably nonmetallic materials, such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polyvinyl chloride or any tough, rigid plastic that can

Feb , A composite suspended tile ceiling of claim , wherein said thin layer of substantially rigid sheet material includes strengthening ribs to preclude appreciable A composite suspended tile ceiling of claim , wherein said moisture barrier is of a material selected from the group consisting of plastic film, thin

, G R STACK MOISTURE PROOF HELICOPTER BLADE Sheets Sheet Filed l, INVENTOR (Cl ) The invention relates to rotor blades for rotors of helicopters made of moisture absorbing material such as wood, reinforced plastic and the like, for the main rotor as well as for the tail rotor.

Jul , Wood plastic composites can also be extruded to make the sheet piling panels In another particular embodiment of the invention the sheet piling panels are made using a pultrusion process, with the voids being created continuously as the panel is pultruded Although any material capable of being

Jul , A composite wall system includes a foundationless wall substructure such as a sheet piling wall with a base portion embedded in the ground and an form of a sheet piling wall, a driven or jetted in place concrete wall, vinyl pilings, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pilings, steel pilings, wood, and or other

, Structural characterization of hybrid fiber reinforced polymer glulam panels for bridge decks Water absorption of wood polypropylene composite sheet piles and its influence on mechanical properties Bond durability characterization of preservative treated wood and E glass phenolic composite interfaces.

Dec , Vertical Alignments of Graphene Sheets Spatially and Densely Piled for Fast Ion Diffusion in Compact Supercapacitors Yeoheung Yoon , Keunsik All solid state flexible microsupercapacitors based on reduced graphene oxide multi walled carbon nanotube composite electrodes Xiling Mao , Jianhua Xu

Jul , The round absorbing Airsoft target trap assembly of claim , further comprising side mesh panels extending between a rear surface of the target frame and a front The target frame can be constructed of a lightweight metal alloy, plastic or other polymer, composite material, or any combination thereof.

Mar , While this deterioration is most noticable in wood piles, it is equally a problem, over extended periods of time, in piling of other material, including concrete, steel, etc This deterioration of marine piling is well known and has resulted in substantial efforts directed toward their repair, normally executed under

Aug , said stabilizer devices are selected from the group consisting of crane mat, mat, steel mat, metal mat, wood mat, timber mat, rubber mat, elastomeric mat, plastic mat, composite mat, dunnage mat, bridge mat, dragline mat, round mat, circular mat, oval mat, rectangular mat, crane mat with handles, crane mat

Apr , A multi layer protective wrap system for wood or metal pilings and poles comprising multiple organic polymer layers (an inner seal wrap, an optional foam a) a first, seal wrap layer comprising a sheet of flexible, strong, impervious polymer material wrapped around said piling or pole in at least areas of

Sep , ,, filed November , , entitled Wood Plastic Composites Using Recycled Carpet Waste and Systems and Methods of Manufacturing and In still another embodiment, the preparing step includes the substeps of providing waste carpet having a fabric pile and a backing, shredding the