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Jun , We designed our glasses to be small and discreet, says Dr Peter Schreiber, group manager in the Microoptical Systems department at Fraunhofer IOF Models usual consist of two parts a micro display that generates the image and optics that project the image on the desired position Both units are

Jul , It is also resistant to wear, particularly in environments that are dry and dusty or sandy Familiar examples include the sensors in car anti lock braking systems, computer hard disk drives, and the component called an accelerometer, which means your mobile phone can tell if it is in portrait or landscape

Aug , Specific applications within Smart Cities include automated traffic systems, traffic violation detection Drones to provide automated surveillance IoT Hub January , NEC Australia whose NeoFace face recognition technology was in March rated world s best by the US National Institute of

Sep , The machine is controlled by computer using the Arduino Mega micro controller board it prints directly from CAD files using a chain of software tools to control printing. The castle took a total of months to print from start to finish The D printer pushed out strips of x mm ( x in) concrete,

Jul , For starters, instead of expensive plastics, they build objects out of cut and glued sheets of standard GSM office paper That means printed objects come out at between percent of the price of other D prints, and with none of the toxic fumes or solvent dips that some other processes require.

Jul , The solar panels of tomorrow will be transparent, lightweight, flexible, and ultra efficient And they deteriorate rapidly in the presence of moisture One barrier is that manufacturers have invested billions to create the factories that make silicon based solar panels, and they need time to recoup their

Oct , Voit, who graduated from UT Dallas with a bachelor s degree in computer science and master s degree in intelligent systems, used Java code for his mod to add sophisticated plastics and metals processing to extend Minecraft possibilities and help users learn about polymer chemistry Take me to the

Aug , Scientists are investigating how they can take advantage of graphene s unique properties to build better solar cells, water filtration systems, touch screen technology, as well as batteries and supercapacitors The problem is it s expensive Mitlin s group decided to see if they could make graphene like

Dec , A number of companies shy away from building wind powered systems in northern regions, even though the wind blows with great power there To begin with, weather conditions represent a Herculean challenge Aerodynamic properties deteriorate when an ice layer forms on the rotor blades as

Sep , January , Two major studies published today in Science Translational Medicine demonstrate the effectiveness of viruses in curing two types of aggressive, treatment resistant brain and breast cancers in humans and mice, respectively Two separate research teams MRI Interventions ClearPoint

A beautiful mosaic of Jute handicrafts that comprises of carpets floor coverings, wall coverings window dressings, table mats table wares, swings, low value geo textiles to high value carpet, apparel, composites, decoratives, upholstery furnishings, fancy non wovens for new products, decorative color boards etc.

Jul , For people who experience acute liver failure, the only proven treatment has been liver transplantation Researchers at Mayo Clinic have developed and are testing an alternative to liver transplantation called the Spheroid Reservoir Bioartificial Liver that can support healing and regeneration of the injured

Aug , January , MikroElektronika (MikroE) is using a Mbit serial Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM) chip on a new board for more effective data capture in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) The FRAM click board is a compact, plug and play solution American International Group s

Apr , A key advantage of the tiny dimensions is that the thinner a membrane, the lower its permeation resistance The lower the resistance, the higher the energy efficiency of the filtration process With such atomically thin membranes we can reach maximal permeation for a membrane of a given pore size and

May , Coupled with the superhydrophobic self cleaning ability, this could also substantially reduce maintenance and operating costs of solar panels We have shown that our nanostructure glass coatings exhibit superior mechanical resistance to impact abrasion like sand storms and are thermally stable to

Jul , Scientists at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies (Cinvestav) in Mexico developed a chip (also known as cDNA microarray) that allows detection of the RNA strand of the dengue fever virus.

Sep , Journalist who lives in Auckland and specialises More Frost hardy ajuga can smother other plants if conditions are ideal (moist shade), but the occasional trim will keep it under control This plant loves a partially shady position, with moist, well drained soil, but can tolerate sun if the roots are cool.

May , Our tiny house uses nontraditional systems in terms of structure, bracing, weather proofing and cladding We are using a form of structurally insulated panels (SIPs) for the structure which is based of the Pop Up House design The tiny house uses an open joint cladding system using US products which is

May , This biosensing chip has been created by researchers in EPFL s Integrated Systems Laboratory Sandro Carrara is unveiling it today at the International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) in Lisbon Antibiotic resistance makes up one of the major health challenges of the st century.

Jan , Lindsey Vonn Derrick Rose Tom Brady Mickey Mantle They have all fallen victim to the dreaded pop of the knee Connecting the femur to the tibia, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture is one of the most devastating injuries in sports No other injury has sidelined more athletes for a season or even

Jul , January , However, not everyone fully supports handing over control of military systems to AI Elon Musk and other AI experts have warned world leaders about the future implications of allowing machines to make decisions that could potentially lead to the loss Dark Future Here s When We ll

May , Both were designed by M.J Murphy Ltd Auckland, New Zealand General contractor Fitzroy Engineering spent months The end wall has a panoramic, mm thick acrylic window that allows for spectacular views along the sloping reef Japan based Nippura Co was the fabricator A week after the