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Feb , COBE has unveiled its masterplan for Christiansholm, an artificial island in Copenhagen harbour formerly occupied by the Danish press Our vision for the island s future is to create a place that celebrates the city s culture and the Copenhagen way of life, said COBE s creative director Dan Stubbergaard.

Apr , Structural damage is the boring stuff splintered decking, holes in non critical walls, and general breakage ballistas, catapults, light missiles, and similar Hull Materials Light Woods (Hardness ), Hardwoods (Hardness ), Dense Hardwoods (Hardness ), and optional Metal Cladding ( Hardness).

Oct , Researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory have devised a method to use cosmic rays to gather detailed information from inside the damaged cores of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors, which were heavily damaged in March by a tsunami that followed a great earthquake.

FRIDAY Prep the wall and steps (Steps ) SATURDAY Install and grout the veneer stones (Steps ) SUNDAY Set the bluestone treads I am going to use these instructions for a project in the future, which will be new construction I m going to use bluestone on the horizontals, but a different rock (a local kind) for the

In spite of the ability to build tall and taller buildingsusually fully glazed, often in extreme climates with increasingly smart technologiesit could be argued that we are not similarly rising to the occasion in terms of optimization, writes Gensler s Russell Gilchrist High rise Construction January , GenslerOn.

Canada s status as energy consumer takes place in a context of our northern climate, yet lack of corresponding conservation culture of the sun s energy falling on a given area in the green leaf chlorophyll producing glucose, which is transformed into many other energy and physical construction biological programs.

Sep , A s era rail passenger cara reminder of Jim Crow segregation lawsat the National Museum of African American History and Culture, which will ParamontEO designed and installed the LEDs, including recessed LED spots and wall washes from Kurt Versen, an LED light panel from DLC, and a

Apr , It was Carpenter s involvement, in particular, that lent, to Gucci, the concept of a uniquely formed glass cladding that evinced the character and rich lustre of the The projects in this issue are marked by this characteristic that could lead us into new expectations for the future of building and construction.

Sep , The entire project covers an area of square kilometers, with a construction area of , square meters Harbin Labor Recreation Center, Harbin Great Square and the Wetland Park together compose the Harbin Cultural Island, to join culture, art and nature in an integrated environment.

Our colleagues in workplace design know that schemes like open plans can promote collaboration, break down walls between departments and roles, and allow Chance encounters like those at café lounge at North Park University s Johnson Center for Science and Community Life are important to work culture and

Jan , Identical in construction to the upper floor of the right cube, a retracted, shortened wall unit separates the wellness area from the office a flat screen television is located on one side and a picture panel is located on the office side Extensive glass surfaces, a white interior and oak floors round out the room s

Biomimicry takes inspiration from nature s form, processes, and ecosystems to solve human problems This design method, which incorporates lessons learned from nature, can constantly morph in response to new challenges in our environments, writes Gensler s Lorraine Francis.

Jul , This elegant apartment is located in City Life Milan, a residential and business district under construction in Milan, Italy It was designed The wall cladding plays on a type of tile that creates a play tone on tone glossy matte herringbone, with which the light creates a vibration with almost wavelike motion.

Its exterior fa?ade is composed of over , custom formed blue anodized aluminum panels The Salesforce Tower has already changed the San Francisco skyline (check out the construction camera here), and when asked if there were concerns over its impact on the Thick concrete walls contain high thermal mass.

This is a website about our Polish ancestors who came to America at the beginning of the th century and their ancestral culture roots in Poland The chambers were covered by wooden construction supporting stone slanting walls roofs, the whole structure being covered by a large ( m in diameter) earth mound.

Dec , Located in the beautiful and serene area of Arosa, Switzerland and completed in , this wellness center, hotel, and spa designed by Mario Botta Architetto takes relaxation to a new level, creating a wonderful piece of architecture that effortlessly connects itself with the surrounding environment Part of